Whitepaper: Monetizing Virtual & Hybrid Events

Monetization strategies for a new era of events

Contents of the whitepaper

In this whitepaper we present solutions on how event organizers can easily monetize their virtual or hybrid events – whether it is a trade show, congress, job fair, or small special interest workshop. It works for all kinds of regional or international events in every industry. Monetizing online or hybrid events is not just a substitution for the lost revenue of the physical one but a chance to grow business significantly. You have more options to advertise and enormous flexibility when it comes to creating exciting new sponsorship options for your exhibitors and participants. Virtual and hybrid events are a chance for organizers to enhance their portfolio and drive sales. Learn why hybrid or virtual events are an opportunity to increase exhibition space and sponsorship sales, and at the same time keep your audience engaged.

Key learnings:

  • Which factors increase monetization success of virtual and hybrid events
  • Monetization opportunities of modern 3D platforms
  • How to maintain high audience engagment at the same time

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