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Amaze and conquer new target groups using 3D, VR & AR Technology.

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Culture thrives from experiences

With rooom you take the experience of cultural and touristic offers to a whole new level. Expand existing exhibitions and touristic attractions simply and individually with 3D content in VR & AR, Apps and 360 Tours. Also give cultural events like concerts or shows a new edge. Start to adress younger target groups, to make rare objects more accessible and to preserve temporary exhibitions for posterity. Discover our broad portfolio of technical possibilities.



Use the latest technologies, offer something new and unusual and make yourself more interesting for younger target groups. 



3D Apps and digital 360° tours are available 24/7 and turn your offers into highlights with added value at any time. Keep time-limited offers permanently available.



Virtual content is accessible without barriers. Where a wheelchair can't go, a digital tour can - without fancy technical devices.


A simple hike or a tranquil museum tour are not for everyone. Offer new exciting ways to share knowledge about nature, people and history.

3D Solutions for Tourism & Culture

Mixed reality fox in tourism app

Tourism 3D Apps

With the rooom CMS, you simply create your app yourself and flexibly adapt the stations at any time.

  • Extend real experiences digitally
  • Use 3D Models, 360° Panoramas, Video & Audio
  • Convey knowledge vividly in AR
optical museum 360 virtual tour

360° Tours & 3D Spaces

Make your museum, exhibition or showroom accessible 24/7 and awaken the desire for a real visit.

  • Accessible without special technology
  • Add 3D & AR ontent, infos, videos & images
  • Add objects through Virtual Staging
  • Easily Embed, link or use QR Code
digital event with avatars

Concerts & Events

Bring your events into the Metaverse and give more people the chance to participate & connect - hybrid or digital.

  • Unlimited space for ideas
  • Participation from home via individual Avatar
  • Features for interaction, sponsoring & analytics
3d model of bishop

Culture Archiving

Capture temporary exhibitions and cultural treasures for posterity and make objects freely accessible in 3D and AR.

  • Offer 360 tours of temporary exhibitions
  • Use 3D data for 3D prints of your rare objects
  • Make collections in the museum basement accessible

Trust an award-winning platform

rooomGuide - New dimensions for nature, culture & history

Create your own Tourism Tour

rooom offers you an easy to use CMS to create your own Tourism Tour. Define stations, insert Video, Audio or 3D Content and adjust everything at any time.

  • Features like audio guide, sounds, AR animations & 360° panoramas 
  • Set AR markers yourself
  • AR with and without markers possible
  • Publication in rooomGuide Tourism App

Get inspired: Successful rooomGuide Tours

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Mixed reality historic view

Dinosaur trail for family outings

The dinosaur trail is an award-winning tourism project. With the help of various analog and digital stations, the whole family can revive the Triassic era including its dinosaurs.

  • 3D and AR dinosaurs with animation
  • Exciting Audio Guide
  • 360° Ice Age Panorama on the mountain peak
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man looking at tourism app

Trip trough german history & nature

Together with the Thuringia Foundation for Nature Conservation, we are bringing the Green Belt to life. With an interactive multi app, visitors can immerse themselves in the exhibition and explore the transformation of the former inner-German border.

  • 3D & AR models of animals and historical buildings
  • Online 360 degree tour of real-life exhibition
  • 3D Experiences in real exhibition
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mixed reality avatar and real person

A historic person comes to life

In the SCHOTT Villa an interactive journey through the history of SCHOTT invites visitors into a three-dimensional world full of surprises.

  • Otto Schott himself as an Augmented Reality tour guide
  • 360 degree panorama of historic scene
  • Extension of the exhibition area without annex
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children mixed reality in forest

Peek into the Middle Ages

The SÜW Erlebnis App is intended to provide information about the Trifels region and life in the Middle Ages in an entertaining way. Families in particular are addressed by this project.

  • Audio guide with fairy tale narrator voice
  • Animated AR comic characters
  • 360 degree panorama of the historical city
  • Quiz with AR knight as reward
  • AR map with GPS
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castle tour ar app

Guided castle tour

The classic castle museum does not reach a wide target group. At Osterburg, 3D content now offers everyone a reason to visit the castle and learn about history.

  • AR Mascot for selfies
  • Tours without appointment thanks to AR guide with audio
  • Quiz with virtual prize
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Mixed reality fox

Nature Experience via Multi-App

The Multi-App Natura Jenensis unites analog and virtual nature experiences and provides educational information in a family friendly manner.  

  • Multi-App with four experience paths
  • Over 80 analog and virtual stations
  • 360° Panoramas based on scientific data

Virtual Exhibitions & Showrooms

Invite the whole world into your exhibition. Virtual Tours, Showrooms and 3D Archiving give you the opportunity to provide and preserve knowledge, art and education around the clock. With or without admission tickets. Make objects available for free viewing in 3D and augmented reality and extend the limits of real exhibition space immeasurably.

  • Hold events and galas in the Metaverse
  • Additional information such as artist interviews
  • Art Objects in AR from all sides
  • Optional use of NFT technology


Discover how you can present your business in the Metaverse with rooomSpaces.

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Temporary exhibition art

The exhibition "You are Faust - Goethe's Drama in Art" was a temporary exhibition of the Klassikstiftung Weimar at the Kunsthalle Munich. With the help of a virtual exhibition space, the exhibition was archived and can still be visited.

  • Freely accessible exhibition tour
  • View sculptures in 3D and AR from all sides
  • Paintings with informational panels
  • Atmospheric light
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Reconstruction German Optical Museum

The German Optical Museum is currently closed due to extensive renovation work. Through a 360 degree tour, the previous exhibition can still be visited.

  • 360 degree tour through the entire museum
  • Archiving of the whole old exhibition
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Virtual Exhibitions in 3D & AR

The art exhibition Kulturzeichen 24/7 was designed to help artists gain more visibility for their works even in the pandemic.

  • Open access 3D & VR exhibition
  • 3D & AR paintings and sculptures
  • Info and artist interview at each painting
  • 24/7 permanently accessible
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Making valuable art objects accessible

Some cultural assets are in private hands or must be kept under protective atmospheres. An example of a rare art object is a bronze of St. Boniface, made accessible and archived through 3D technology.

  • Detailed model in 3D & AR
  • Publicly accessible
  • Sustainably archived
  • 3D prints of the sculpture as give-aways
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Art Exhibitions with NFTs

Visiting an art exhibition online doesn't cause travel expenses, doe'nt require courage and goes comfortably from home. At the same time, artists get more visibility and can sell their works better - thanks to AR and NFT technology.

  • Hybrid exhibition of real & virtual exhibition
  • Art objects in 3D and AR
  • Objects linked with NFT on blockchain
  • Event with panel discussion
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Visualization of historical buildings

3D technology is predestined to make lost cultural assets accessible. Buildings, walls and old streets can simply be projected via AR onto the historical site - regardless of what is there today.

  • 3D Model of the historical church
  • AR projection in real size at historical location
  • Annotations to situate the church in the cityscape
  • Archiving of the no longer existing church

Discover an interactive 360° library tour.

360° Tours with rooom360

A 360° tour offers you the possibility to invite everyone anytime in an exact digital twin of your real location. To create the tour we capture your premises with a HD 360 camera in only a few hours.  You need a fast solution with an exeptional result? rooom360 is the right fit for you.

Discover rooom360


3D Exhibitions with rooomSpaces

With rooomSpaces you can create a Virtual Showroom yourself and edit it by using our SpaceEditor. Use a Template or create a completly new space. Your options are unlimited.

Discover rooomSpaces

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Discover an Exhibition Template with Info Points and 3D Art.

Cultural Events in the Metaverse

Transform your live event experience into a state-of-the art online adventure. rooom empowers you to (re)build your stage, festival, club or event location in the Metaverse without the technical limitations of reality. Your virtual space is fully customizable to your ideas, imagination and vision.

  • Realize digital & hybrid concerts, plays and talks
  • Increase your reach significantly
  • Live and On-Demand Streaming
  • Tracking, reporting & success analysis
  • Showcase Sponsors & Partners


Real interactions - pure event joy

  • Customizable Avatars with gestures, moves and lip motion
  • Chat Features an Live Emojis
  • Social Wall & Gamification
  • Community Building & Networking

Discover rooomEvents

Volumetric Capturing for 3D Performances with Wow effect

  1. Get performances captured in 3D in a professional studio
  2. Get high-quality 3D recordings – including movements and sound
  3. Place the interactive 3D Videos in any virtual environment

Discover Volumetric Capturing

What our customers say

Bring lifeless things to life with 3D & AR

Amaze your Visitors

  • Historical or lost things or buildings become tangible for everyone
  • Extinct species can be resurrected in animated AR projections
  • Simple information boards become a 3D experience
  • Valuable, closely guarded pieces can be viewed from all sides at home
  • Works of art can be hung on the wall at home before purchase
  • Flyers and brochures come to life

Create 3D & AR Content yourself

To create your own AR content, you need one thing above all: a 3D object. With the help of rooomScan, anyone can easily become a 3D designer themselves. Various options are available for this purpose: a scan app, uploading product photos, or even using various hardware solutions.

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