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Employee training in 3D, Mixed Reality and Virtual Reality

Reinventing Re- and Upskilling

The demands placed on employees in companies are continuously increasing, making long-term training programs necessary. Both interdisciplinary topics such as teamwork,
problem-solving skills or leadership, as well as specific technical content such as data protection, blockchain, data science or artificial intelligence must be continuously taught and refreshed.

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How can virtual employee training work?

Traditional digital learning tools such as video tutorials impart knowledge in a purely passive way. However, according to current learning theory, formats that require activity and set spatial-visual anchors are much better suited for good and sustainable learning. In addition, co-creative reflection rounds with others help to anchor knowledge in the memory permanently and retrievably in everyday life. Virtual employee training offers meet all these requirements and offer companies flexible design options.

Employee Training with rooom

Virtual learning environments

Establish an immersive digital learning arena using rooomSpaces, where training sessions can be conducted, information disseminated, and inquiries gathered. It serves as a hub for fresh hires to access vital onboarding details encompassing company ethos, administrative processes, tools, and internal protocols. Additionally, this platform facilitates the creation and distribution of new learning materials for team members.

Smart Learning


Learning with Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) content presents a dynamic avenue for vividly imparting knowledge, visualizing intricate processes and workflows, and enabling in-depth perspectives. Within the rooom platform, you can furnish 3D content complete with annotations and animations to enhance comprehension. Utilizing exploded views offers a precise understanding of the configuration and operation of various devices and machinery.

Augmented Reality

Engagement and collaboration tools

In virtual rooom environments, your creativity is not subject to any physical boundaries. Create inspiring spaces in nature, outer space or simply in the office of your dreams. Hold co-creative meetings, collaborations and reflection sessions between team members. You can create a motivating learning environment where everyone can support each other, without travel costs and wasted time. 

Collaboration tools

Coaching & Mentoring

Digital coaching and mentoring solutions provide personalized and flexible support tailored to the specific needs and learning styles of your team members. Analytics tools help measure progress and keep supervisors in the loop. This helps employees feel more supported and that there is genuine interest in their growth and development within the organization. Frequent and continuous feedback keeps your employees motivated and engaged at work.

Guided 360° tours

With the help of 360° tours, you can not only guide people through halls and facilities, but also build entire Learning Journeys. Integrate videos, tasks, quizzes, or even animated 3D models of equipment and machines to give your team a clear understanding of new knowledge.

360° tours


Major employers rely on rooom

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Interaverse: Your interactive Intranet in 3D

One place for all the information

An Intraverse provides a central place where all information and data relating to internal topics and events are easily accessible to everyone at all times. Internal team instructions, notes and FAQs can also be centrally curated here. In this way, minor questions in everyday work can be clarified quickly and easily.

What a rooom Intraverse has to offer:

  • Management via CMS
  • Data security according to GDPR
  • Different authorization roles
  • Multilinguality


Space Templates 

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Get inspired: Case study for employee training

BSH Training Center - Virtual Campus

Europe's leading household appliance manufacturer uses an interactive platform to provide lifelong learning for its employees.

  • 3D models and AR views of the products with explanatory annotations
  • On-demand learning paths
  • Learning videos and tutorials based on artificial intelligence
  • Smart learning environments for collaboration
  • Option to use Virtual Reality headset
  • Virtual tours of different production with insights into processes and workflows


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