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As the Metaverse continues to evolve, 3D avatars are taking a central role in shaping customer service, remote work, and social interaction. They represent your identity in the metaverse and are the key to communication, collaboration, and personality in virtual environments.

With rooom, you can choose from an extensive selection of avatar systems. There is a tailored solution for every business case - whether it's a meeting, a shopping trip, a conference, or a party. In combination with artificial intelligence (AI), you even have the possibility to empower an avatar with knowledge and content.

Why you should integrate 3D avatars in your virtual spaces


Foster social interaction & engagement

Through avatars, users can interact with others via gestures or spatial audio. Communication is facilitated more dynamic and natural, enabling a deeper sense of connection with the community compared to traditional text chats, video calls or 2D platforms.

Offer personalized experiences

3D avatars add a personal and individual touch to your virtual experience worlds. Let your customers or employees use a configurator to create virtual representations of themselves, offering a high level of personalization and self-expression. With an AI service avatar, you can address personal requests in detail at any time.

Choose your avatar system

Your rooomSpaces subscription lets you choose from different avatar types. They have different levels of customization - so you'll find the perfect avatar system for every occasion. Thanks to flexible APIs, it is possible to integrate different applications and avatars.

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Our photorealistic avatar systems let you create 3D avatars from photos. Simply upload a picture and customize your digital twin as you like. The cross-platform avatar system ReadyPlayerMe enables you to use the same avatar for different applications.

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Thanks to our 3D avatar generator, the comic-style avatars can be completely customized. A good choice if you want to offer gamified experiences and reach a young target group.

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Perfect for anonymized encounters and optimal loading times: A standardized avatar system with only a few customization options can also have advantages, for example for large events. Choose what works best for your Metaverse experience: abstract humans, robots, or stick figures?

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An intelligent digital assistance allows avatars to become customer service reps. Simply create a character with our avatar generator, then provide the artificial intelligence with information about the product portfolio, and voilà - the assistant for your virtual brand world is ready. Even video tutorials and guidance on your Metaverse experience can be delivered through AI avatars.

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Volumetric capturing is a great option to elevate artists or speakers in your space. This is done by taking a short video sequence of the person and then using it to create a fully animated 3D avatar.

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3D avatars for every occasion

Events & Networking

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Meet new people at virtual conferences and start a spontaneous conversation via audio chat.


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Learning & Collaboration

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Enjoy productive workshops and meetings with your avatar and use the virtual sticky notes to record the results.


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Customer Service

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An AI-powered avatar guides customers through your virtual world and will answer all questions about your company and products.


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Identity Management made easy

How can you make sure the avatar standing in front of you is actually who they say they are? With the help of a "Know Your Customer" token, avatars receive a digital proof of identity. A KYC token enables your customers to verify their identity and make secure transactions and purchases in the Metaverse.

Tokenization solutions

In alliance with leading avatar platforms

Digital assistance

for customer service in the Metaverse

Avatar meets AI: rooomAssistant takes your chatbot to a new dimension, allowing you to create virtual customer service reps with a true personality. They can be consulted both for guided tours through a virtual brand world and to answer specific questions. Want a demo? Check out rooom‘s virtual assistant:

How to create an AI avatar

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Create a character with our 3D avatar generator. You can also upload a photo if you want the avatar to look like a real person.

Step 2 |


Provide the data base with information about your product portfolio, company universe and any insights or specific data you have.

Step 3 |


Integrate the service avatar into your online store or 3D showroom where your customers will enjoy an optimized user experience and service 24/7.

AI avatar generator

AI avatars are true repositories of knowledge about events, places, companies, or products. Depending on the application area, they can be trained with relevant information and acquire their own personality traits. For example, guests can receive answers and insights from historical figures. At the same time, the intelligent rooomAssistant offers the possibility to create a personal AI avatar from photos and provide it with relevant knowledge. This creates a completely new way of connecting technology and reality.

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FAQ: 3D Avatars

What is a 3D avatar?

A 3D avatar is your virtual identity in the Metaverse. With the avatar you navigate through 3D spaces and virtual environments like event locations. You can choose between different gestures like waving, dancing or raising your hand to get in contact with others. rooom also offers an audio chat for avatars, which allows you to talk to each other in real time.

What is an AI avatar?

An AI avatar is a digital assistant, similar to a chatbot, represented by an animated 3D character. Using artificial intelligence, the avatar can engage in conversations, answer questions, and guide users through virtual environments.

How can I create a 3D avatar?

To create your 3D avatar, you can simply upload a photo of yourself. An avatar will be generated automatically, which you can customize and accessorize with different outfits. It is also possible to create an avatar without uploading a photo.

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