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At the Mobile World Congress 2022, Deutsche Telekom was supported by rooom in its hybrid event appearance. Increasing the number of participants and exhibition formats with endless possibilities are just some of the success factors of the hybrid format. Discover more in our user story!

Sustainability through Hybrid Experiences

Virtual and hybrid trade fair appearances have become increasingly popular, especially in the last two years, and are reaching far beyond the scope of commercial forms of representation.Savings in energy costs, CO2 balances, gaining participants and the endless possibilities of new exhibition formats are just some of the factors that have convinced enterprises to use virtual or hybrid exhibition booths in recent years.As market leader for telecommunications in Germany, Deutsche Telekom AG is a pioneer in connectivity and future-oriented networks.

After the positive outcome of the Telekom Tech Grounds in 2021, an alternative for the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2021, which was cancelled due to the Corona pandemic, it was possible to build on the success together. rooom joined forces with Deutsche Telekom again this year and saw to the implementation of its virtual booth at the MWC 2022, which took place both in Barcelona and digitally between February 28 and March 3, 2022.This is another important step toward a corporate metaverse for Deutsche Telekom.

Virtually Extending the Physical Framework

The world’s largest and most influential event for the connectivity industry offered a wide range of topics in 2022: from CloudNet and 5G connectivity to innovations in Fintech and AI (Artificial Intelligence). With the aim of making products and services more sustainable both ecologically and for individuals, Deutsche Telekom gave visitors the opportunity to visit their booths in person and/or virtually. Four days of exciting lectures, conferences and mindfulness sessions were the result.

Speakers included:

  • Claudia Nemat (Management Deutsche Telekom)
  • Rebecca Henderson (Economist, Professor at Harvard Business School)
  • Refik Anadol (Artist)
  • Mimi Onouha (Artist)
  • Adrian Daub (Professor of comparative literature at Stanford University, Author)
  • Max Thinius (Future Scientist)
  • Dr. Shini Somara (Engineer)


All presentations as well as the digital booths are available on demand on ourrooomEvents platform in the Metaverse, where you can also exchange ideas with other participants.

Visit platform

The metaverse stole the show at the world’s biggest mobile event“, wrote CNBC.

Creating Unforgettable Moments Together

The question of how to "clone" a physical trade show experience as a digital twin while making the core message and appearance tangible was paramount in the conception of the event. The top priority was to create a hybrid feeling and an ideal event experience – even for participants who were not able to travel to Barcelona. Deutsche Telekom had already impressed with a virtual trade fair concept the previous year, paving the way for an event that oscillates between digital and physical space. From the organizer’s point of view, it was important to plan in advance to ensure that participants could immerse themselves completely in the trade fair experience via the Metaverse platform. For this purpose, the digital event location was divided into several topic areas, and these were staffed with contact persons and equipped with exciting content.

Content and Interaction in Virtual Space

The design agency Meiré & Meiré was involved in the implementation of Deutsche Telekoms hybrid presence with rooom. They were able to translate the company's brand strategy and visual identity for the metaverse.Thanks to its versatility, rooom’s platform has already proven its worth to Deutsche Telekom in the past and was therefore once again used as the tool of choice. This time, the focus was on live broadcasts, a 3D exhibition booth, retrievable content such as PDFs and videos, and an intuitive networking solution as well as image walls.As a bonus feature, customizable avatars were added, to further enhance interactivity in virtual space.A challenging aspect was the time pressure that arose during the design and implementation of the digital twin in 3D.Thanks to rooom’s flexible platform and excellent support, Deutsche Telekom was able to communicate its message on networks and sustainability to a large number of participants.


      The MWC 2022 Telekom Digital Booth in Figures:

      • A total of 590 visitors registered on the platform.
      • Average time spent in 3D Space: 25 minutes – content was not just skimmed over, but viewed in detail. Comparing this with data on website visits shows that 38% of users lose interest if the layout and content are not appealing – a clear advantage of roooms platform.
      • And the average watch time in the stream also indicates to convincing designs and content: this was up to 1.5 hours


      Looking into the Future – A CMS for the Metaverse?

      The future of the metaverse, along with its potential for creating 3D worlds, will continue to take shape in the coming years, creating currently unthinkable possibilities for representation.In addition to solutions in AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality) and/or with integrated NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), technological developments are creating increasingly realistic and customizable experiences thanks to artificial intelligence and spatial computing.Attendees can visit normally location-based places such as trade fairs, stores or gaming worlds in the metaverse in a way that is almost game-like and intuitive.All they need is a computer, smartphone, or VR headset. The possibilities are endless, and we are excited to see the conceptual features that will shape upcoming events and to actively participate in creating them.

      The same rules for Web 2.0 also apply to the metaverse: your content needs to be updated.To ensure long-term customer loyalty to a corporate metaverse, new content has to be added continuously.We provide a content management system (CMS) that allows 3D content to be customized – quickly and in a flexible way.Unique brand experiences can be created this way. They are easy to manage and can be updated at any time. This is how Deutsche Telekom can make long-lasting use of its virtual trade fair booths for future events.rooom offers the perfect toolset that combines creative ideas with innovative, future-oriented concepts for a flexible corporate presence in the metaverse.

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