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O₂ Telefónica presented the Purpose Days, a virtual team event like no other. Read more about the implementation with rooom in the case study.

Large team events even in times of social distancing? With innovative technology, online team events can provide an effective way to show appreciation to employees and offer them something completely new. Together with O₂ Telefónica and prio Event Management GmbH, we have created the digital "World of Purpose". In the individually designed virtual world, O₂ Telefónica employees met to exchange ideas about the company's vision and discuss future-oriented topics.

Key facts:

  • Date: 13-15 April 2021
  • Event type: virtual employee event with live stream
  • Attendees: 2,700+


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Innovative event solutions in times of social distancing

O₂ Telefónica has spared no effort in searching for innovative digital solutions to connect its team and provide something very special. The goal was to find an event solution that had the flexibility to implement individual event concepts, host events with high traffic, and at the same time operate with the highest data protection standards.

With rooomEvents, a platform was found to implement the Purpose Days that brought momentum to the virtual team event - quickly and accessible to all. From April 13 to 15, 2021, thousands of Telefónica employees met in a 3D corporate world. From presentations of the different business units, to live talks of the management board with Q&A sessions, to a dedicated chat and 360° video - the walk-in Purpose World had a variety of digital experiences to offer.

Solution used: rooomEvents

The online event platform rooomEvents enables you to host virtual and hybrid events. Use cases include team events, community building, festivals, interactive conferences and exhibitions, and much more.


Main parts of the platform

  • Interactive 360° video arena
  • Virtual stage and live stream for management presentations
  • Walkable 3D world with extensive content (also available after the event)

Community building on a personal level

The concept and media production for the digitally animated environments of the Purpose Days were created in collaboration with prio. With rooom's extensive portfolio of virtual event solutions, the digital corporate world was brought to life and filled with content.

To access the virtual experience from their home offices, O₂ Telefónica employees logged onto the online platform via smartphone, tablet or desktop PC. Via 360° video, they arrived in the Purpose Room, a 3D space in which the various company divisions presented themselves at individually designed small booths. As a special highlight, the 360° entrance video already had a navigation function, which made them eager to explore the 3D corporate world in more detail. At the various stations, the departments of the company told and showed with interactive content what topics and content they deal with. A special interaction option was the virtual tour through the company world, where employees could not only visit but also leave likes. A simple but effective way to show that the content added value or was a visual highlight.

For the personal touch, O₂ Telefónica had decided to have the executives appear as avatars in the Purpose World. In order to reveal a little more about themselves to the employees, the different booths of the departments were set up individually. For example, the visitors found little hints about the hobbies of the different personalities behind the departments of their company.

Of course, the organizers also provided a multi-faceted agenda. Via live stream from the O₂ Tower in Munich, employees were able to follow presentations and talks by the Executive Board and had the opportunity to communicate with each other and ask questions via chat function.

And this is how it was realized:

The Purpose Days show that virtual team events don't have to be boring and impersonal these days. Whether it's a live stream, a walk-in corporate world, interaction options via chat and like functions - with rooom, there are no limits to the imagination. With the Purpose Days, O₂ Telefónica succeeded in creating a new digital experience for all employees of their company through the sophisticated virtual world. This was particularly important with regard to the forward-looking topic that was conveyed.

We democratize access to a sustainable digital future to create a better everyday life for all of us.

Markus Haas | CEO Telefónica Germany

New drive for virtual networking events

With its extensive portfolio of event solutions, rooomEvents ensured that even the greatest challenges could be mastered. As an internal event, where users had to log in via their work credentials, it was of course of particular importance that the online platform met the highest standards of data protection. Many visitors took part in the event exclusively with mobile devices, which is why it was extremely important that the 360° video and chat worked on all devices. Our solutions are characterized by their speed: Fast loading time and optimal performance due to low data volumes were a top priority, especially for this event, to ensure that the Purpose World could be visited from anywhere.

It's true that virtual team events are not going to sacrifice face-to-face contact in the future. But that doesn't mean virtual events will disappear without a trace. They will continue to deliver benefits that companies can leverage: Connecting teams that are spread all over the world, keeping events sustainably available on-demand, and inspiring with virtual experiences that are either based on company buildings or are completely fictional worlds.

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