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Digital Vernissage „Kulturzeichen 24/7
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With the rooom experienceCloud we digitally implemented the vernissage "Kulturzeichen 24/7" and visualised exhibited artworks as 3D models. This makes it possible to visit the art exhibition worldwide and bring all the artworks home virtually.

With the rooom experienceCloud applications, digital showrooms can be easily designed and not only products, but also art and cultural assets, can be presented in an innovative way. The digital spaces can be filled with individual content and equipped with interactive features. Virtual tours bring the rooms to life and provide a special 3D experience. 

In order to promote artists from the Kitzinger Land region, an exhibition was designed that can be explored virtually regardless of time and place: The virtual art event Kulturzeichen 24/7 was launched. Our innovative experience platform offered the best conditions for the implementation of this project.

Works of art in 3D & Augmented Reality

As early as 2020, the district of Kitzinger Land decided to implement an art project. The central questions were how to promote artists in the Kitzinger Land, whether exhibitions are even possible in 2021 and how they can be made visible independent of space and time. 

This gave rise to the idea of developing a new format and organising a virtual exhibition. This way, no events will have to be cancelled in the future and the exhibition can be visited at any time. This innovative approach was positively received and funded by the Bavarian State Ministry for Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy, so that the project could be put into practice.

Until July 2021, artists from the Kitzinger Land region were able to submit their artworks on the theme of "Changing Perspectives" and have them evaluated by a jury of experts. 15 works of art, such as paintings, sculptures or photos, were selected to be brought to life virtually by rooom AG. For this purpose, 3D scans were carried out and detailed 3D models of the artworks were created. In addition, a virtual gallery was created in which the artworks are exhibited. Visitors can stroll through the gallery and view the artworks in a virtual environment. And not only that - a projection into their real environment is also possible. With our 3D Product Viewer, the objects can be made accessible not only in 3D, but also in Augmented Reality (AR). To do this, you can simply scan a QR code next to the exhibited object with your smartphone or tablet and view the artworks in their original size. Potential buyers can try out the artworks virtually or hang them on their own walls, making it easier and quicker for them to decide to buy. 

In the video we show how easy it is to scan the QR code and how the artworks can be placed at home: 

Even more possibilities than analogue art exhibitions

The advantages of digital art and culture are manifold: the possibility of hosting the vernissage without being tied to time and place was particularly important to the organisers. In order to make it possible for interested parties to participate regardless of time and place, the opening event was also held digitally. Our Head of New Business & Sales, Peter Elstner, accompanied the visitors and artists through the exhibition via video chat and was available to answer questions. For a very special feel-good factor, the participants received lovely packets with drinks and snacks.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Digital galleries offer a flexible way of international presentations.
  • Through new technologies, a young audience is addressed on an international level.
  • Accessibility is guaranteed for everyone, everywhere and at any time.
  • Service and advice become faster, more direct and more flexible.

What is special about the digital vernissage Kulturzeichen 24/7: While visitors walk through the exhibition, they can go directly to the various works of art. Next to them is a board with links to additional information and video interviews with the artists. In contrast to an ordinary vernissage, this gives visitors the chance to enter the artists' studios virtually and gain insights into the creation of the works.

Discover the virtual art exhibition on your own:

We are more than happy to bring artworks to life digitally with our applications and to support artists in this way. Many thanks to the Kitzinger Land for the excellent cooperation and the great result!

Thanks to the virtual exhibition spaces and realistic 3D models as well as the support of the rooom AG staff, our online vernissage was an exciting and entertaining experience. The innovative format is a complete success for us. The participating artists can present their works in many different ways and reach people all over the world. The exhibition is unique!

Simone Göbel, Regional Management, Kitzingen District

Do you want to organise your own digital cultural event? Our event platform offers inspiring 3D spaces and interactive networking features. 

Check it out!

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