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The BD Biosciences virtual lab delivers customer experiences in a new and innovative way. Read the user story to learn more about their personalization approach.

BD Biosciences (BDB), a business unit of Becton Dickinson's Life Sciences segment, delivers innovative solutions for immunology, cancer research and microbiology. Using the rooom platform, BD has extended their first virtual showroom and created a virtual lab world. 

Digitization Solutions for customer experiences in medical technology

Driven by the digitization boost, BD Biosciences developed new ways of presenting their portfolio in live and remote demonstrations. They experienced that customer behavior was changing and there was a strong need for virtualization. This is why they started different virtualization initiatives and projects, like setting up virtual exhibition booths and a 3D showroom. After their cooperation with rooom has already been very successful, they decided to go one step further and merge all their virtualization projects on a single platform

Do you want to learn more about the prior cooperation of BD & rooom? We have already reported about it on our blog. 

Read the story

The goal was to create an interactive platform with a virtual environment, enhanced with AR features, to tell a comprehensive story of the BD Biosciences solutions. It was not intended to replace live demonstrations, the goal was to provide an additional layer of presentation and enable a hybrid customer experience. Different types of content should be combined in one place - showrooms with pre-sales content, education and training environments (post-sales), as well as virtual testimonials and current marketing campaigns. 

As BD was very happy about the virtual showroom they created in 2021 using the rooom platform, they wanted to consolidate it and add more content. The team discovered that rooom's technology matched BD's ideas and visions, and they appreciated the flexibility of rooom since it had been possible to implement new features on demand, according to BD's needs. 

A multi-purpose experience platform

During a three-month period of brainstorming, we collaboratively developed a concept for an always-on platform that includes demonstrations, trainings and events, with regularly staged product launches and training sessions. Visitors start in a virtual lobby and can explore different spaces and showrooms, showing and explaining products and workflows in a laboratory environment. The virtual lab complex integrates the initial showroom, as well as virtual training rooms and a 360° tour of the BD Innovation & Engagement Center. 

 The platform showcases the BD products and solutions in a realistic environment. Instruments can be discovered as digital twins in 3D and Augmented Reality. The virtual lab can serve different purposes, such as: 

  • Extended showroom for product presentations 

  • Smart learning environment for product trainings 

  • Information and promotion space for physical events 

  • Interactive media library 

Since BD Biosciences is very customer-centric, they identified the need for their customers to access all product documentation and informational materials in one place. With the rooom experience platform, it was possible for them to implement this. And not only that - the realistic 3D environment with interactive elements offers a better way to approach customers than just a two-dimensional website. 

Personalization to deliver customer-centric content

The outstanding aspect of the project was BD's innovative approach to provide individual content to different target groups. When users register to access the platform, personal information about them will be gathered, like fields of interest and country of origin. This allows to differentiate into different target markets, such as industry customers, researchers, or people with clinical background. After the users are registered and logged into the platform, they will access content specifically tailored to their needs and interests. For instance, the focus can be on different products. BD Biosciences has also updated the content to fit regional campaigns and provides it in multiple languages.  

The rooom platform infrastructure enabled them to implement this strategy in a user-friendly way. The rooomEventsuser management features allowed the creation of user profiles. By using the rooomSpaces tools, it was possible to easily duplicate and reproduce 3D spaces and adapt them to different scenarios. As a result, visitors of the platform can enjoy a seamless and integrated experience - no matter which device they are using, without the need to download any additional software. 

rooom provided a flexible platform for the fast implementation of our ideas. We were able to unite product presentation, documentation, training & education on a single platform to deliver customer-centric content.

Nicolas Zucchini, Ph.D | Application Specialist & Training Center Manager, BD Life Sciences – Biosciences – France

In this context it was essential to the BD team that the content could be easily administrated, customized and exchanged. rooom provided them with an easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS) to edit and customize 3D spaces, products, documents, images, videos and links. This allows BD’s regional departments to take responsibility for their individual spaces and have the ability to adapt content to the needs of their regional market. 

The future of life science marketing

The virtual lab can provide global coverage and is easy to use - both for visitors to explore the virtual environment and for the BD employees to administrate the content. It makes different contents accessible in one place - experts can find helpful information, but so can newcomers to biosciences and cell research. Thanks to the all-in-one platform, it will be easier to provide documentation and information in the future. BD Biosciences can tell the entire story of their solutions in a comprehensive way and take the customer experience to a whole new level. 

You are curious to explore the virtual lab? Register and have a look on your own! 

Check out the platform

Since we have received great feedback so far, we can imagine further enhancements of the platform, like avatars, gamification or specific event rooms to provide a virtual event venue. Other business units of BD could use the rooom platform to potentially create an entire virtual innovation center. Also, an integration or combination with other technologies could be possible. As rooom is constantly developing and offering new tools, BD with its innovation power will certainly be one of the first clients to implement new features and developments. We are very happy about the cooperation and are looking forward to new projects! 

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