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E.ON relies on a virtual community space to implement a wide variety of virtual events - from conferences to webinars to networking features, the "Republic of Innovators" offers a wide range of possibilities. For this purpose, we have designed a 3D world that brings virtual events to life.

With our event software, we continue the virtual event series of the German energy company E.ON. After the successful digital Energy Innovation Days 2020, E.ON uses our tools this year to connect its community. Together, we have created the E.ON Republic of Innovators in a customised design, where virtual events take place throughout the year. In the virtual meeting place, which is accessible free of charge, every member of the community becomes an "innovation citizen" and has the opportunity to network with energy experts and exchange ideas about a sustainable energy world.  

E.ON Innovation is a modular innovation platform that identifies, develops and scales future technologies and digital business models in the energy sector and beyond for E.ON's core business. With its 360-degree approach, it combines internal innovation, cross-sector partnerships and research and technology. As part of one of Europe's largest energy companies, E.ON Innovation drives sustainable solutions and helps E.ON shape a green, digital and decentralised energy world. More than 50 million residential, commercial and industrial customers as well as cities and municipalities purchase electricity, gas, digital products or solutions for electromobility and climate protection from E.ON. 

Good experience and event success ensure extended cooperation  

Last year, we already hosted a virtual conference for E.ON on our platform in cooperation with our partner "On The Rock". Since the E.ON Energy Innovation Days 2020 were a complete success with 5,000 participants from 63 countries and a great 3D exhibition, the event professionals and E.ON are relying on our support again this year and will make events in 2021 a digital experience on our platform. Since then, a lot has happened with us, too! 

All-in-one community space 

In contrast to last year, we are not only mapping an event, but also building a long-term and sustainable world for the community. In future, E.ON Innovation would like to present even more partners in the Community Space and encourage international exchange between participants. All of this can be mapped via the "E.ON Republic of Innovators". Virtual events now take place here all year round. In a digital forum, participants can find information on global topics and innovative energy concepts and exchange ideas with each other. In addition, the usual features such as speaker information, networking area and virtual business cards can also be found in the "Republic of Innovators".  

With the Community Space, we make it possible for several virtual events to take place in one central location. Interested parties can attend versatile event formats, such as Energy Talks, webinars and partner events, and join in the discussion.  

The highlight: an interactive 3D world 

In an excitingly designed 3D world in the form of a flying island, members of the "Republic of Innovators" have the opportunity to take advantage of a variety of offers. To emphasise the importance of partnerships, the island presents global energy companies in its "Partner Valley". Every visitor to the island can configure his or her own avatar and engage in interactive formats such as networking sessions, a virtual coin search and exclusive events to discuss the latest energy topics. 

Sounds exciting? You can register now for free and discover the virtual community world. As we are constantly developing new features and tools, it's worth checking back regularly to discover something new and take part in exciting talks. 

We are happy about the long-term cooperation with E.ON and the many exciting projects we are implementing together. A little tip: The Energy Innovation Days will take place from 05 - 07 October 2021 - register and come along! 

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