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The German bicycle manufacturer PUKY has been producing and marketing great movement toys in cheerful colors for 70 years, with a lot of love and care. In order to present the product novelties to customers, PUKY has been on the road at many trade fairs so far. Then came the Corona-Shutdown. With our virtual showroom the manufacturer of the mini-bikes can now present all products online in 3D and augmented reality.

Online product presentation with 3D

Who doesn't know them: the colorful vehicles with red and white logos that make children's eyes shine? Again and again, new models with colorful patterns inspire the young drivers and accompany them on their adventurous exploration of the world. When it comes to convincing dealers of the newest products, trade fairs were the number one presentation area, where interested parties could take a closer look at the models and offers. Then came the pandemic: no more personal exchange was possible, let alone looking at or directly touching the bikes on site. An alternative was needed as quickly as possible in order to make the product presentation possible again in compliance with hygiene regulations. The decision was made in favor of a virtual showroom with interactive 3D product models, which can be accessed online almost as close as touching them. These should serve as a presentation tool for the sales department as well as for the end customer himself when inspecting the product before purchase.

A precise idea of the proportions with Augmented Reality

In the past, buying a bicycle for the kids was combined with a family trip to the local bicycle dealer. Several models were test-driven and the salesperson advised the family on saddle height and accessories. In the end, the final favorite was a perfect fit for the new little owner. Even with the switch to more online shopping, size still plays a crucial role, especially for children's bikes.

"The customer should place his desired model next to his child to get an idea how big the model is in reality and if it could fit", says Lars Still, webshop administrator at PUKY.

Augmented Reality (AR) makes it possible! With the help of impressive technology, a detailed impression of real-life proportions is extremely easy and quickly accessible online for customers, regardless of time and place.

With rooom easy and fast to the 3D model

PUKY needed a suitable partner for their virtual showroom as soon as possible. The decision was made on us.

"You were really the most convincing ones from the price-performance ratio, the first impression, the communication of your implementation and your product examples on your website! It was especially great that you were able to implement all of this using simple product photos. This was especially important to me because we had no possibility to get 3D data so quickly. Although we have individual scanners that can scan small components, it's still a long way from being able to capture an entire bicycle," says Lars Sill.

After PUKY had given us some basic guidelines for the optics of the showroom, we only needed product pictures for the creation of the 3D models, which PUKY partly took out of their portfolio and partly snapped themselves for detail shots.

A virtual PUKY-verse for a stylish presentation of the bikes

Within a few days, the 3D team was able to start creating the showroom and 3D products. By constant communication with PUKY and flexible correction loops the result corresponded exactly to the expectations: A simple online showroom with spoke-shaped skylights, which set the products in scene. A friendly avatar stands at the counter and a terrace offers a wonderful view into the green. The bikes presented in the showroom can all be viewed in 3D and AR by just a click. Markings on the pedestals show which colors are available and only need to be clicked on for the respective color change.

Virtual showrooms save logistical effort, increase the demand and make online stores stand out from the rest

We are convinced that in the future more and more companies will use the possibilities of 3D, VR and AR to present their products in the best possible way. Also independent of Covid-19 and its consequences, companies can significantly reduce their return numbers and save a lot of logistical and financial effort. We are very pleased to support PUKY and other well-known companies like Thomann, Ottobock and many others with the simplicity and diversity of our system.

Or as Lars said: "Wow, this technology has absolutely inspired me!"

Have a look into the virtual showroom and the PUKY-verse yourself:

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