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We enable you to develop custom 3D solutions

The rooom platform isn't just for tech newbies – coders, we've got you covered too! Our developer-friendly and flexible API empowers you to make 3D products and spaces even more individual. rooom seamlessly integrates with other business software, such as WordPress, Shopware, or Microsoft Teams. The comprehensive platform ecosystem makes it easy to build an individual solution for your business case.

rooom SDK

Our tools and resources for developers

We're an open 3D platform and committed to developing interoperable assets. By embracing common standards like WebGL, we're actively shaping the future of the Metaverse, promoting inclusivity, and unlocking its boundless potential. To help you get started quickly and easily with the implementation of your own ideas, we provide you with resources such as a transparent guide, a testing environment and code snippets. From developers - for developers.


Technical documentation for our API, tools, and advanced features

Demos & Examples

Get inspired by practical use cases of customization with our API


Have fun customizing and testing our API for spaces and products


3D model inspector and preview

360° Player

Gyrosensor support for 360° videos

Help Center

More tutorials and technical support

Develop with an award-winning open platform

rooom is recognized with the German Business Awards 2023 as Best Enterprise Metaverse Experience Development Platform

Next Level Metaverse Development

Are you wondering what magic you can whip up with your coding skills? You've got the power to tweak and tailor the rooom platform to dance to your coding tunes. Picture custom features and stories, such as:

  • Animations and gamified experiences
  • Your own AI assistant
  • Branding and white labeling the user interface
  • Motion and gesture tracking for your avatar
  • Advanced performance optimization
  • … and much more


Try it out with our API Playground!


We provide a flexible Rest API and a suite of plugins to combine 3D content with more than 1,200 business applications.


Video Conferencing & Streaming


Avatars & AI


Blockchain & Web3

& many more!

Community & Support

You would like to connect with our team and other Metaverse developers? Join the #developer talk on our official Discord. You can also find how-to's, tool hacks and fancy Metaverse spaces on our official Discord server.

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