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Metaverse Solutions for Financial Service Providers

Technology to drive digital transformation in banking, insurance & consulting

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The Metaverse is the next evolutionary stage of the Internet - digital services are becoming even more immersive and customer-centric. The boundary between the virtual and real world becomes more and more fluid. This unlocks new opportunities for financial services.

The corporate metaverse software from rooom enables you to:

  • Make financial services future-proof
  • Inspire young audiences
  • Improve cost efficiency
  • Increase customer and employee loyalty
  • Strengthen an innovative image
  • Take collaboration to a new level

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The future of financial services

Training & onboarding in a new dimension

Passive learning with video tutorials is a thing of the past. Virtual learning environments provide your team with explorative and collaborative training options. Avatars and chat facilitate an interactive exchange - essential for international teams.

New standards of customer experience

Virtual experience worlds hold great potential as a cost-efficient marketing and sales tool. Interactive and gamified product experiences are crucial for customer loyalty in the digital age, especially among Generation Z. A virtual experience also strengthens your employer brand.

AI support for consulting services

Your customers expect service 24/7. AI-supported assistance can complement the services offered by financial advisors and improve the quality of online support. With a 3D avatar, advice can happen on a personal and emotional level even in virtual settings - a smooth transition between human and automated consulting processes.

3D visualization for investments

A transparent and comprehensible presentation of projects, such as machines, plants or wind farms, can be realized with the use of 3D models. The visual representation can help to develop a deeper understanding of planned investments and allows a realistic risk evaluation.

Virtual branch

In the service center of the future, you can move around freely, open an account or apply for a loan. Two-dimensional online banking websites will be replaced by more immersive formats and personalized customer experiences. 3D spaces provide a convenient virtual environment that can be designed in the same way as a your branches.

Conferences & workshops in virtual spaces

Whether it's a summit, sales talk or project meeting: financial service providers need digital solutions and new formats. In an interactive 3D environment with avatars, virtual roundtables and much more, events and meetings will become more targeted and efficient.

A secure place for transactions

Data needs to be secure, transactions have to be verified and confidential conversations should be possible in the virtual realm. That's why our Metaverse platform is compliant with the highest data protection standards. Privacy and security are a top priority - strengthening customer trust and minimizing risks associated with the processing of sensitive data.

  • Integration: Thanks to a flexible interface, existing banking and CRM systems can be seamlessly integrated.
  • Know Your Customer: A token or digital wallet is used to verify a user's identity.
  • Two-factor authentication: Allows secure transactions in the Metaverse.
  • Token gating: Protected areas and deal rooms can be restricted through tokenization.

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Leading financial service providers trust in rooom

Software for your digital transformation

rooom is a modular platform with extensive features for 3D visualization, avatars, online events and collaboration. Ask our Metaverse experts for advice - together we will tailor a customized solution for your needs and goals.

Floating islands as example of a 3D environment

Build your virtual spaces

3D spaces and virtual environments are the foundation for your financial Metaverse. With rooomSpaces, you benefit from a tool that allows you to set up and design your own virtual spaces - from branch offices and conference rooms to learning environments.

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Add-on: Events

Let your guests enjoy interactive video streaming with survey tools, additional networking features, virtual business cards and more with the extension for conferences and events.


Add-on: AI avatar

AI assistance takes your online service to a new, even more efficient level. Already have a professional chatbot? Turn it into a human financial advisor with a 3D avatar.


Add-on: Security

With the Web3 extension, you can add an extra layer of security to the Metaverse. Tokenized solutions allow authentication and access restrictions for 3D spaces.

Highlights of our Metaverse software


Data protection & security

Complies to high-level standards


Easy navigation, even for beginners


Runs with & without VR

Accessible on the web and even mobile

Get ready for the digital future

With software at the cutting edge

Are you wondering how to implement the new software in your company? Get in touch with us - our team is happy to help!

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FAQ: Financial Metaverse

What will the Metaverse bring for financial service providers?

Advancing digitalization has made online banking more important, while many branches are closing - resulting in a loss of personal customer contact. The Metaverse now creates the opportunity to interact with customers on a personal level in the digital space through avatars and interactive advisory experiences.

What are Metaverse use cases for financial services?
  • Virtual branches with customer service and recruiting offers
  • Digital or hybrid event formats
  • New sales and marketing channel to reach younger clients and employees
  • Interactive meeting rooms and workshops with avatars
  • 3D visualizations for funding of industrial plants and wind farms
  • Virtual learning environments and simulations for training and education
How to create a banking Metaverse?
  1. Develop a Metaverse strategy: Analyze the target group and their needs.
  2. Choose the right software: A platform that meets all your requirements.
  3. Implement the concept: Create virtual spaces and provide content with added value.

We offer a flexible platform and assist you on your journey into the digital future - from strategy to implementation.

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