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Mixed Reality (MR/XR) seamlessly blends digital content with the real environment, creating an immersive experience that allows an intuitive perception and interaction with virtual objects.

With rooom's Mixed Reality software, you can:

  • Reach new target audiences
  • Inspire with immersive content
  • Redesign learning concepts
  • Reduce return rates
  • Make the invisible visible


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Mixed Reality applications for enterprises

Mixed Reality projection of a car

Marketing & sales

The utilization of Mixed Reality offers great potential for new marketing strategies. Products can be tried out virtually and offer a realistic impression before buying, which prevents mispurchases. You can also use Mixed Reality in experiential marketing to present yourself as a modern company and appeal to a new target group.

  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Competitive advantage through "wow" effect
  • Improve customer experience
Digital learning with Mixed Reality

Training & learning

Mixed Reality content enables vivid and playful knowledge transfer that guarantees long-term learning success. Employees can interact with virtual systems and products and simulate processes. Mixed Reality software provides practical tips and information during training and in everyday work situations.

  • Reduce costs for professional education
  • Sustainable knowledge transfer
  • Making learning more fun
Mixed Reality in tourism at the hiking trail natura jenensis

Tourism & culture

Mixed Reality apps are a true game changer in location-based entertainment. Hiking trails, exhibitions or monuments become something very special with interactive virtual content. Bring extinct animal species to life, recreate the past or organize an interactive adventure quiz with Mixed Reality.

  • Boost awareness for destinations
  • Increase reach
  • Get young people interested in culture

Cross-device experiences

Person using iPhone for Mixed Reality view of furniture

Mixed Reality on smartphones is the perfect solution for product presentations and virtual tours.

Woman using Mixed Reality headset

Mixed Reality headsets allow a higher degree of immersion in virtual worlds.

Mixed Reality content can be delivered in different ways. Some applications run directly on the smartphone - with or without an app - while a special headset is recommended for more immersive experiences. As an all-in-one platform, rooom runs on all common devices - whether mobile device or Mixed Reality headset. Depending on the specific conditions in your company, you are guaranteed to find a tailored solution.

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Reviews on our Mixed Reality software

Mixed Reality apps & gadgets

AR Portal

Augmented Reality portals offer an immersive experience that combines the real with the virtual world. An AR portal can be placed in stationary retail outlets, public places, museums, etc. and enables visitors to enter virtual worlds via Mixed Reality on a smartphone or tablet.

Mixed Reality for print media

Mixed Reality allows you to easily integrate interactive content into books, brochures, newspapers, business cards and much more. With the help of Augmented Reality, you can bring the content to life and increase interest in your print products.

Photo: Stefanie Loos on behalf of the Thuringian Ministry of Economics

Mixed Reality Guide

Leverage the extensive possibilities of Mixed Reality to enhance tourist attractions such as museums and adventure trails with interactive digital tours. An interactive guide will provide inspiration and fun for young and old.

Mixed Reality Learning

Gadgets for learning with Mixed Reality have a positive impact on learning motivation and effectiveness. With a special cube and the matching app, a wide variety of objects can be physically explored - Mixed Reality at your fingertips.

Inspiration: Mixed Reality software in action

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rooomPortal Bayer Leverkusen Mixed Reality Showcase at OMR

Mixed Reality experience Bayer 04 Leverkusen

Digital transformation affects all areas of our society. In sports marketing, Mixed Reality & Co. have already left their mark. Bundesliga soccer team Bayer Leverkusen presented a virtual stadium experience with the AR portal at the OMR Festival. The project received the European Metaverse Award.

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Corporate learning with Mixed Reality

BSH, Europe's leading household appliance manufacturer, offers its team different learning and development opportunities in Smart Learning environments. Learning experiences with Mixed Reality contribute to motivation, foster employee engagement and can be integrated seamlessly into the daily work routine - combining virtual and physical learning on site.

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Augmented Reality book "Regentröpfchens Reise"

The book tells the story of the raindrop Cirrus, who travels through the seasons and learns how wind and weather work. The Mixed Reality illustrations add an extra layer to the book, making complex processes like the water cycle or wind movements more accessible and understandable for kids. This not only boosts their motivation and initiative but also sparks their imagination.

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Nature experience trails "natura jenensis"

Interactive Mixed Reality content along hiking trails offers young and old new incentives to get out into nature. In addition to audio guides, the supplementary Mixed Reality app also includes Augmented Reality objects and 360° panoramas that immerse visitors in other worlds and bring history to life.

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Hybrid Vernissage with Mixed Reality Content

AR art exhibition with NFTs

The utilization of Mixed Reality in a hybrid vernissage by artist Pedro Martin Rojo made it possible to virtually place artworks on your own wall in your home or office environment. After the event, only NFT owners were given access to the digital twins, creating an innovative connection between virtual and physical art.

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"Eichplatz area" Mixed Reality app

How will a planned building appear at its actual location and in its real size? How will it fit in with the surrounding buildings and facilities? In the construction and real estate industry, Mixed Reality technology enables impressive visualizations to communicate planning decisions transparently in public spaces.

FAQ: Mixed Reality Software

What is needed for Mixed Reality?

Many people first think of a VR or AR headset when they think of Mixed Reality, but this is not mandatory. Mixed Reality content can also be experienced on mobile devices using an app or web AR. With cross-device Mixed Reality software, the degree of immersion and the end device used can be chosen individually.

What is a Mixed Reality app?

A Mixed Reality app is used to combine digital content with the real environment via smartphone or tablet. Products, exhibits, information and much more can be experienced on a completely new level. Mixed Reality apps are mainly used as gimmicks or virtual guides in experience marketing and tourism.

How much does Mixed Reality software cost?

The possibilities that Mixed Reality has to offer as a marketing or learning tool are multifaceted. This is why the costs can vary depending on the scope of the project. Programming effort and costs can be reduced with a content management system for Mixed Reality content.

Pricing upon request

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