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Optimize your processes with 3D, AR & VR

With rooom you can easily create, configure and integrate 3D content for all your processes. 

  • Easy-to-use Metaverse CMS
  • No special hardware required
  • Use existing 3D data or generate new content
  • 3D products, AR features, showrooms and more
  • Flexible subscription model


Why do you need a Metaverse strategy?

Contrary to what some people think, the Metaverse is neither a huge social network nor a big playground for gamers. in fact, there is no such thing as THE Metaverse. Rather, as a manufacturer, you have the opportunity to create your own little corporate Metaverse. And how? Simply by adding the potential of the virtual world to the possibilities of the real world. Use 3D views, augmented reality applications, digital showrooms, 360° tours or VR to optimize all your processes.  The best way is to define an internal Metaverse strategy with all departments of your company. This way you will be able to use the power of metaverse systematically. Start at the point where your shoe pinches the most, e.g. production or sales and marketing. We can help you all along your Metaverse journey. Discover your possibilities.

complex maschine in 3d

Metaverse for production

There is often a long way from a product or design idea to the finished prototype. With 3D visualization and a location-independent coordination process in a virtual space you will shorten this period considerably.

product in augmented reality on smartphone screen

Metaverse for marketing

Stop explaining and start showing. Show how your product looks and works in 3D. Studies show, that 53 % of custumers get a deeper connection to brands that offer exceptional experiences.

Leading brands already use Metaverse technology

Metaverse solutions for product manufacturing

Product planning & design

With the help of Digital Twins, you can precisely visualize products and systems in all phases of a project and coordinate them within the team. In this way, many questions according design, materials and features can be clarified even before a prototype is produced, which saves time and, above all, costs.

Quality control

XR technology makes it possible, to carry out quality control and maintenance inspections regardless of location. This reduces return rates for defective products and lowers maintenance costs.

Warehousing & logistics

The tight integration of digital and real-world data in the Metaverse makes it possible for manufacturers to plan and monitor logistics and warehousing functions using AR. For example, supply chains and picking become faster, easier and more accurate to plan.

Define your Metaverse strategy

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Product marketing in the Metaverse

Product training in virtual space

Product training

Digital twins make virtual employee training and onboarding possible, for which no machine has to stand still and no foreman has to leave his workplace. Animations, exploded views and annotations provide comprehensive insights into the function, handling and maintenance of the equipment.

vacuum in 3D

Product sales

Some products require a lot of explanation, some products require a lot of emotion. 3D and AR product visualization can significantly help customers to get a better feeling for a product and thus increase sales and reduce return rates.

stroller visualization in 3d

Product service

The Meatverse can magically answer a majority of customer questions. Product details can be clarified through AR animations with explainer videos and valuable links. Exploded views that show every component, no matter how small, with location, function, and reorder number greatly simplify setup and maintenance. And even AI Service Avatars are possible.

Manufacturers of all industries can use the Metaverse

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Homematic IP - smart home products

The smart home manufacturer offers a wide range of 3D models to inform its customers about the products. The models fit seamlessly into the design of the website and offer a very special experience.

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Wera - tools

In the Wera showroom, the product portfolio can be explored not only on site, but also virtually. Info tags with product information and a link to the online store enhance the 360° experience.

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PUKY - bikes

Puky created a virtual showroom with severel 3D digital twins of their products. A special feature is that the customers can project the 3D products into their real-life enviroment and see the products in their actual size. This is incredibly helpful for the customers to select the right fit.

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Carl Zeiss - optical devices

Carl Zeiss, a company in the precision mechanics and optics industry, has implemented various products as digital twins with rooom. This facilitates the cooperation with partners and customers worldwide.

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Dethleffs - caravans & campers

Dethleffs has been the specialist for caravans, motorhomes, camper vans and urban campers for 90 years. With an impressive showroom, the supplier can impressively present its companions without a huge showroom.

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Hoberg - hand cart

3D visualizations offer the advantage of being able to illustrate product handling very easily through animations. The company Hoberg, specialized in home and garden products, uses this feature for example to illustrate the folding function of its trolleys.

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3D tools designed for product manufacturers

rooomProducts: 3D product visualization & digital twins

Enhance your online product presentations with rooomProducts. Using 3D data, photos, or scans, you can create interactive, lifelike versions of your products that can be integrated into any website or e-commerce platform. 


  • Web-based usage
  • Animations & explosion vews
  • Info tags
  • AR functionality

rooomSpaces: virtual showrooms & environments

Use rooomSpaces to bring your brand into the Metaverse and showcase your products in a virtual environment. Set up virtual exhibitions, visualize workflows, create digital training spaces and more to engage and educate your customers about your products.


  • Custom design
  • Voice chat & avatars
  • Screen sharing
  • Guided space tours

rooomScan: digitalization & 3D scanning solutions

rooom offers diferent software and hardware solutions to scan your products. Upload 3D data or photos directly into the platform or use one of our scan devices or even our scan street.


  • For objects of any size
  • High level of detail
  • Individual solutions possible
  • 360 scans of real spaces

rooomStage: 3D & VR conferencing

With rooomStage, you can elevate your product demonstrations by using real-time 3D content in an immersive virtual environment. Easily create, configure, and integrate simulations of your planned or existing products to enhance your presentations.


  • Use 3D construction data
  • Measuring & slicing tool
  • Point cloud capturing
  • Virtual Reality environment

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