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Discover the benefits that 3D visualizations have to offer in the industry.

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Digitalization is one of the most important success factors in engineering and the manufacturing industry. Unleash the full potential of Industry 4.0 - with the rooom virtual experience platform. You can easily create 3D digital twins of your products, set up virtual showrooms, integrate 3D content on your website and invite to collaborative 3D simulations. Through a combination of 3D visualization, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, we help you to optimize processes in production planning, marketing, sales, customer support and employee training.

Use cases of 3D visualization in the manufacturing industry

3d animation machine

Product planning & development

With the help of digital twins and collborative 3D environments, you can precisely visualize products and systems in all phases of a project and coordinate them within the team. In this way, many questions can be clarified even before a prototype is produced, which saves time and, above all, costs.

Metaverse for learning

Training & education

A "Metaverse for Learning" makes virtual onboardings & employee trainings possible, for which no machine has to stand still and no foreman has to leave his workplace. Animations, exploded views and annotations provide comprehensive insights into the function, handling and maintenance of the equipment.

virtual informational booth

Marketing & sales

Complex products and systems usually require a lot of explanation. Customers have many questions that require time-consuming clarification in sales. Virtual showrooms with 3D product visualizations can significantly simplify the sales process thanks to animations and augmented reality.

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Your benefits:

  • Drive cost efficiency in product planning and design
  • Reduce complexity in product communication
  • Enhance visual storytelling
  • Enable remote product presentation
  • Accelerate purchasing decisions
  • Deliver unique product experiences
  • Illustrate typical workflows
  • Host virtual product trainings

3D tools designed for Industry 4.0

rooomProducts: 3D product visualization & digital twins

Digitize your products by using 3D data, product photos or 3D scan with rooomProducts. Leverage interactive 3D objects with to tell the story of your product. Our 3D Digital Twins can be easily integrated into any website or e-commerce store.


  • Detail views
  • Animations
  • Info tags
  • Augmented Reality

rooomSpaces: virtual showrooms & environments

Bring your brand into the metaverse! Showcase your products in a realistic virtual enviroment using rooomSpaces. Set up virtual exhibition booths, visualize workflows, create digital training environments, showrooms and much more.


  • Custom avatars
  • Voice chat
  • Screen sharing
  • Guided tours

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rooomStage: 3D & VR conferencing

rooomStage combines the ease of modern conferencing with real-time 3D content. You can easily create, configure and integrate 3D simulations of your planned or already existing products, machines or plants in an immersive environment.


  • Load 3D construction data
  • Measuring & slicing tool
  • Point cloud capturing
  • Virtual Reality

3D digital twins

A tool for marketing, mechanical engineering & plant design

3D product visualizations can help you to convey complex product information and drive time and cost efficiency. Find out in our blog article how digital twins can help to optimize your business.

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How industrial manufacturers can leverage Metaverse technology

Best practices

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NESTRO: Interactive 3D content for lead generation

NESTRO website visitors receive an animated all-round view of the products that creates an interest in finding out more. Anyone who then wants to receive further information and also take a look at the inner parts of the machines first has to enter their contact details. In this way, valuable leads can be generated for the sales department. For each machine, two Product Viewers were planned, which visualize the function of the machine in different degrees of detail.

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Ottobock: Virtual Mobility Workshop

With a virtual mobility workshop, the medical technology company Ottobock can provide a digital solution for spare parts management. 3D models of the products can be virtually disassembled into their components and enable customer support to order the right spare part easy and fast.

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plating electronic: 3D Virtual Booth

For plating electronic GmbH, our 3D content management system provides a key technology in marketing and sales. The leading manufacturer of DC and Pulse-Reverse power supplies has identified the potential of Web3D to present their products on an interactive exhibition booth with "WOW" effect. 3D models enable the sales team and the international partners to explain the hightech products in an easy-to-understand way. This is what digital transformation looks like in SMEs!

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STIHL: Virtual Training Center

The global family company STIHL relies on 360° technology to offer potential applicants real insights into the training environment. An interactive 360° tour on the career website delivers an experience with added value: Extensive insights into the company and its training and dual study facilities can be gained at a very early stage. 

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Example of a virtual showroom for industry 4.0

B2B Product Marketing: 3D Showroom

Virtual showrooms are gaining more and more importance in marketing and sales. Ship engines have found the ideal showcase in the Metaverse with an industrial 3D space - This is how successful Metaverse marketing looks like in the manufacturing industry.

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