3D Real Estate Visualization


With 3D visualization from rooom, real estate becomes virtually walkable.

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Would you like to show customers around your new property or real estate before you break ground? On-site inspections are difficult? With our 3D real estate visualization prospective customers become enthusiastic customers or tenants! Whether you are a real estate agent, property developer, architect, planning office or project developer: with innovative real estate marketing you will outshine your competitors.

Experience real estate in 3D

We create easy and affordable 3D floor plans, architectural renderings and 360° tours of houses, apartments and building plans, which present your objects more vividly than ever before. These can be viewed virtually, integrated into websites, sent to interested parties by e-mail or presented as an augmented reality projection. With Virtual Staging you integrate virtual interior and market your real estate successfully. Building owners, tenants or buyers can get an exact picture of the property and make decisions much faster - this applies to new buildings as well as to existing properties.

Advantages of 3D real estate visualization

  • Clear presentation already in the planning phase
  • Virtual tours
  • Professional and high-quality marketing
  • Enthusiastic customers and project partners
  • Optimal coordination with equipment and sampling
  • High-value customer loyalty tool
  • Save time, as no on-site inspection is necessary
  • Accessible without software installation

3D Visualization for new building projects


3D Solutions for existing properties

Thanks to the cooperation with rooom, the GW group of companies saves valuable time. Interested parties can now view our properties completely independent of time and location. That convinced us!

Graf von Wedel

GW Group of Companies

This is how 3D visualization of new construction real estate works

You are delivering us:

  • A floor plan or 3D planning data (e.g. in CAD format)

You will receive:

  • A 3D model of your property
  • An editor for individual customization (colors, materiality, floors, walls and furniture)
  • A 3D viewer for publication via link
  • The code to embed on your website
  • AR and VR presentation possibilities

More about 3D models

Augmented Reality (AR)

As an impressive AR projection, real estate appears in its original size at the location even before construction begins.


Virtual Reality (VR)

With VR glasses, you can take prospective buyers on a virtual tour of your 3D property.


3D Renderings

Use high-quality Renderings for photo-realistic architectural visualization in your exposés.

Real estate presentation in three dimensions

A 3D model with augmented reality visualization helps to create transparency: The "EichplatzAreal" project plans to build on the area in Jena's city center that was previously used as a parking lot. Interested parties can use an AR app to get a comprehensive picture of the planned building complex even before construction begins.

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Virtual tours of existing properties

Would you like a photorealistic 3D twin of your existing property for digital tours? We take a 360° scan and create a virtual walk-through 360° tour with rooom360. With the help of navigation points, interested parties can click their way through the entire object. In addition, floor plans can be generated quickly and easily from the 3D data.

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Virtual Staging

With 3D Home Staging you can stage existing properties with virtual interior design. Unfurnished properties can be equipped with digital furniture, plants and decoration to make the property more attractive for sale or rent.

Rely now on virtual home staging with rooom!

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