Biotech and Life Science Marketing

Create a virtual laboratory showcasing your products and conduct innovative research using the rooom's metaverse solutions.

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Showcase your portfolio in your virtual lab

Present your research results, workflows, and even experiments in an interactive way. Invite your audience to explore your technology, your survey and test results. Set up smart learning environments or host engaging 3D conferences.

Biotech and Life Science Cases and Applications

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Becton Dickinson | Virtual laboratory

For BD product promotion means to make their prospects fully understand their solution. Due to COVID-19 conventions and conference were no option. Therefore, they switched to marketing with virtual and hybrid events. For this purpose they designed an interactive exhibition booth with rooom.

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Ottobock | Virtual mobility workshop

Ottobock set up a virtual workshop for the business segment 'wheelchairs'. The goal was to explain their products digitally. The showroom is used as a learning environment for specialist dealers and rehab technicians. With rooomProducts several 3D visualizations were created.

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Ottobock | Portfolio showroom

This showroom is designed to showcase the comprehensive portfolio of ottobock including products, services, research, patient care events. The set up takes the user on a voyage of discovery. A special gimmick is a virtual door which leads to events. If Ottobock sets up an event with rooomEvents invited users can enter through that door.

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Leibniz Institut IPHT | Conference

Create long-lasting content by making your conferences sustainable like the Leibniz Institut IPHT. By hosting virtual or hybrid events you preserve lectures and presentations and make them availablepermanently. This kind of content is a great asset for any biotech or life science marketing strategy.

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Jenoptik | Virtual BioImaging Event

Jenoptik used the whole spectrum that rooom has to offer. They hosted a virtual event with interactive elements. They set up a digital showroom that matched their coroporate design and vision. They showcased the products in 3D. They integrated a lot of various content formats for the user to discover. All in all they created a memorable digital experience.

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3D visualizations

Various medical technology companies are already using rooom. The software is CMS based and enables you to create, manage and integrate 3D data. Benefit from an extensive tool set and improve your biotech marketing.

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Persuasive solutions for life science and biotech marketing

Explain products digitally, land pitches, boost sales, convince investors – achieve your goals with an state-of-the-art online experience! rooom puts everything you need for biotech marketing at your fingertips. Explore the software that meets biotech marketing needs.

Enable people to experience your vision

rooomSpaces is a CMS with an excluisve tool set that empowers you to build and configurate your own virtual environment and integrate 3D models of your products. Enhance the user experience with the built-in collaboration and interactions tools. Follow the lead of the medical technology expert BD and invite your prospects in your virtual lab.

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Create your own life sciene showroom

Your virtual showroom is more than a temporary booth at a congress. With a virtual showroom you can present your research and solutions to your prospects at any time. Invite your customers to a virtual lab. You can either recreate your actual lab or develop with us a virtual room that reflects your company vision. Explore some sample rooms here.

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Fresh ideas need rooom

New research approaches need a space where they can unfold! This immaculate showroom is ideal for presenting new and captivating solutions to your prospects. With the beautiful view from the windows, you create vastness in which your approaches can unravel. At the same time, you can create a connection between your virtual space and your real-life location.

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Be independent from trade fairs

Stay ahead of the curve and showcase your solutions inpedendent of seasonal congresses and fairs. With your virtual lab, you can exhibit your solutions 24/7, all year round, worldwide. Now is the time to take your biotech marketing to the next level.

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Make your products stand out

Showrooms with gallery flair come across as clean and modern. Use the wide space to make your products stand out. Project videos or other interactive elements on the large walls. Use the long aisle to map a workflow or experiment procedure step by step. Discover the multitude of possibilities.

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Benefit from intriguing features

Fill your virtual showroom with life. In addition to 3D products, QR codes, videos, user engagement and much more is possible. Let our team show you in a demo how to set up and maintain the showroom.

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Build a connection

Trade fairs and product presentations live from interactions and conversations with your customers. Your virtual showroom comes with build-in interaction tools to realy connect with your audience.

Let your products stand out

Create appealing 3D visualizations of your tools and products with rooomProducts. Simply use existing 3D data or generate 3D objects by using photos, videos, or our free 3D scan app. Viewing your products from any angle helps your prospects in making well-informed buying or funding decisions.

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BD | Cell analyzer

BD visualized a series of medical technology devices with rooomProducts like this cell analyzer which is used for cancer cell identification. BD presents their 3D products in virtual showrooms.

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Schölly | Endoscope with system chain

3D visualizations are ideal for viewing medical technology products from any angle. This is perfect if the product has a lot different device connections and plug options this like this endoscope from Schölly. 

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Carl Zeiss | Microscopy Axiolab 5

rooomProducts empowers you to generate 3D data yourself. The 3D products can be seamlessly integrated into any online shop or website.

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Ottobock | Wheelchair

To explain products digitally Ottobock uses exploded views. The product can be disassembled into individual parts with one click. This supports specialist dealers in ordering the right spare parts.

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Ottobock | PEM machine

The 3D visualizations can be projected in your real environment using augmented reality (AR). This helps your customers a lot to determine if the product fits into their laboratory.

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Laserneedle | Laser therapy device

Provide an accurate picture of your medical products using 3D data. A detailed 3D view supports any sales meeting, avoids miscommunications and reduces the number of returns.

Host virtual or hybrid events

Digital trade fair, online lecture, multi-day conference or hybrid event - rooomEvents is your all-in-one event software for all kinds of virtual events. Manage all aspects of your events centrally including content maintenance, ticketing, mailings, tracking, and much more. 

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Market your ideas globally

Present your products and tell the story behind your solutions. Benefit from the Internet's global reach and bring your company and research findings to your customers and prospects.

Boost your biotech marketing

  • Improve the quality of your marketing campaigns.
  • Enhance the user experience for your prospects.
  • Increase your reach while telling the world about your scientific results.
  • Benefit from hybrid product presentation.
  • Showcase your products & tools 24/7 - all year long.

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How to create your showroom

  • Select a template and customize it.
  • Generate 3D products yourself and upload your additional content.
  • Stay in charge of your data! rooom is using high data security standards.
  • Show off your showroom by sharing the link or embedding it into your website.
  • Enhance the user experience with the built-in collaboration and interactions tools.

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