Insights and inspiration on creating engaging 3D, AR & VR experiences.

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Hello World - Artificial Intelligence in Marketing & Sales

Artificial intelligence has the potential to change the (working) world. It is gradually becoming clear how companies are using AI, where reservations prevail, and where efficiencies can be created. In this german study, employees from marketing and sales share their experience in dealing with AI. Get practical insights now and take a cautious look into the future.


NESTRO® - Interactive 3D Product Visualizations

NESTRO® decided to add interactive 3D models to its shop to display its products more vividly. Read this free use case and learn more about the success story of NESTRO® and how the established manufacturers for extraction and filtration systems uses 3D product visualization to generated more leads and strengthen the customer loyality.


Virtual Commerce: Enhancing customer experiences with 3D

Virtual Commerce is seen as the evolution of e-commerce: Online shopping with the experience taking place in the metaverse. We demonstrate how you can use 3D and AR technology to bind customers and increase conversions in your online shop. Read how your e-commerce business can leverage the power of the metaverse in this free whitepaper.


10 Key Factors for Success in Metaverse Marketing

The Metaverse is part of your marketing future. We share 10 tips to help your business succeed in the Metaverse. Download this free whitepaper to a guide for conducting real business in a virtual world.


The Metaverse and its infinity

This study in German deals with the consumers' attitude towards the Metaverse and shows how retailers can benefit from Metaverse technologies. It takes an in-depth look at what young consumers want and how they imagine shopping in the Metaverse in the future.


Accelerating sales of complex products

In this whitepaper, we present background information, use case examples, and practical tips on how you can easily implement 3D visualization and AR in your product marketing – no matter how complex your product is.


Monetizing virtual and hybrid events

Discover strategies on how to easily monetize your virtual or hybrid events – whether it is a trade show, congress, job fair, or small special interest workshop. Learn why hybrid or virtual events are an opportunity to grow your business.