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Produce CGI product renderings yourself and offer photo-realistic 3D experiences.

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Easy CGI renderings with wow-factor

You want to save on expensive and time-consuming product photography, but not compromise on image quality? The recognition value of your brand should still be maintained? Then get into digital marketing with impressive 3D renderings.

  • Self-service-platform for DIY renderings
  • Easy to use
  • HD quality imagery
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What is a rendering?

Meaningful product images are essential for the sale of products. With several variants, the costs for professional product photos can quickly skyrocket. With 3D renderings you save costs and present your products in the best light. A rendering is based on a three-dimensional replica, which is provided with the appropriate surface and lighting. With a 3D program objects are transformed into a 3D model and can be inserted into any location and scenery. Shape, material, color and light can be adjusted and changed afterwards with rendering software. With rooom your individual rendering is just one click away.

Visualize your product variants

A CGI rendering makes it possible to present your product in several variants, even if it is still a prototype. High-end renderings are amazingly similar to conventional product photography, allowing you to maintain or completely redefine the visual language and branding of your brand.

To create a rendering, you only need 3D data of your object. If you do not have your own 3D models yet, you can create them yourself with the help of rooomScan.

Application areas for 3D product images

Interior & architecture

Present furniture, kitchens and interior in atmospheric and realistic sceneries with an Interior Rendering. Perfect for online shops, catalogs and co. Also possible: architectual renderings for real estate, floor plans and constructin documentation.

Automotive & aviation

Customers and fans of your brand can hardly wait for the launch of new models: Present your production processes in the form of photo-realistic 3D visualizations on your website.

E-commerce & marketing

Numerous companies in industry and commerce benefit from the advantages of Product Rendering, for example in e-commerce, on a website or in print format.

Alternativa para la sesión fotográfica clásica

Es difícil tomar fotos de productos que constan de objetos en cristal. Debido a los reflejos y efectos de luz , resulta sumamente complicado obtener fotos estéticas apropiadas, por ejemplo, para catálogos o tiendas en línea. La solución es: ¡Renderizar el producto! Gracias a nuestro software 3D, puede ajustar individualmente los reflejos de luz y superficies para que el objeto aparezca "en la mejor luz". Se resalta, en el primer plano, el diseño del producto.

How to create a rendering

Step 1 |

3D Product

To request CGI renderings quickly and easily via the rooom platform, first upload a 3D object or create one using our scanning solutions.

Step 2 |

Choose view

In the second step, you rotate your 3D model to the desired view. Zooming in or out is also possible.

Step 3 |


If you are satisfied with the view, click the "Render" button to request your render directly.

Step 4 |


After a view minutes you can download your finished rendering and use in your e-commerce store, on your websites or in digital or printed marketing materials.

Advantages of 3D renderings



Show products in every imaginable environment from all perspectives.


Show prototypes, products or real estate even before they are on the market.



Creation independent of time, place and weather. All animations can be changed at any time afterwards.


Best image quality

Our powerful rendering software ensures pin sharp graphics that show absolutely no qualitative difference to a "real photo".



The 3D model of your product can of course also be reused for other projects such as virtual reality, augmented reality or 360° views. Let us advise you!

Preguntas frecuentes: Renderizaciones 3D

¿Qué es una renderización?

Una renderización es un objeto tridimensional creado por vía digital y utilizado para presentaciones en línea. Resulta útil también para poner en escena los modelos 3D en 2D (p.ej. para materiales impresos o en un ambiente virtual).

¿Cómo crear una renderización 3D?

Para hacer una renderización, necesita, en primer lugar, fotos, bosquejos o datos 3D terminados de un producto, a partir de los cuales se realiza un modelo 3D con colores, estructuras superficiales e iluminación. A continuación, este modelo 3D se utiliza para efectuar la renderización fotrealista.

¿Cuáles son las ventajas que brindan las renderizaciones 3D frente a las imágenes clásicas de productos?

Una gran ventaja de las renderizaciones es que permiten representar de forma fotorealista incluso los prototipos virtuales que todavía no existen en realidad. Asimismo, puede visualizar objetos con mucha facilidad y rapidez en distintos escenarios y variantes además de ángulos diferentes. Especialmente en caso de renderizaciones automatizados, el coste queda por debajo de lo que se gasta en una toma refinada de fotos.

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