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Good product images in online shops or in catalogues are an important adjusting screw for the success of a product. For SCHOTT, we created a photorealistic 3D rendering of a glass shell that is difficult to photograph - better than any photo.

Would you buy a product of which there is no photo? Or a product with a blurred picture that doesn't show much? Probably not, is it? Therefore expressive product images are the be-all and end-all for the sales success of a company. But what if a really good product is not suitable for classic photography with a camera, for example because it is made of glass and completely transparent? Then there are experts like our 3D developers who can help a little with their technology.

3D photos completely without camera

The well-known Jena-based glass professional SCHOTT added a new product to its portfolio a few months ago: Smartphone cases made entirely of glass. The only problem is that these elegant everyday companions are difficult or impossible to photograph with reflections and light reflexes, and cannot therefore be included in a catalog. SCHOTT was not intimidated by this for long and contacted us directly. The task was to create 3D models of the products, including lighting and image mood, and calculate high-quality renderings from them. Renderings?

What is 3D rendering?

When a 3D developer creates a 3D scene, it is initially only a mathematical representation of points and surfaces in a room. With the impressive three-dimensional images, which you are used to from us, this doesn't have much to do yet. To get there, the rendering has to take place first. The mathematical representation must therefore be converted into a two-dimensional image with light reflexes and surfaces. This may sound simple, but it is a complex process. The color value of each individual pixel in the finished image must be calculated individually on the basis of all information on space, lighting and texture. Fortunately, there are special programs for this.

Photorealistic product images in 3D

In the example of our glass sleeves, the main objective was to stylishly reproduce and arrange the mirror-smooth surfaces of the mobile phone sleeves with matching light reflexes. As you can see in the picture above, the project was a complete success. The result is absolutely photorealistic and shows the beauty and elegance of the covers better than any photo. Now we wish SCHOTT every success in launching their glass smartphone cases.

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