Eventos virtuales e híbridos que inspiran: Descubre las posibilidades de los eventos digitales con nuestro software de gestión de eventos.

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¿Qué es una plataforma digital de eventos?

Una plataforma de eventos online te permite trasladar al mundo digital eventos de cualquier tipo.  No hay límites a su versatilidad: desde charlas de una hora hasta conferencias de varios días o festivales con cualquier número de puntos complementarios hasta "siempre disponible"... Con  las plataformas de eventos virtuales
no hay límites en los formatos que deseamos modelar.

Tampoco hay límites para el diseño visual en los espacios digitales porque las plataformas digitales para eventos pueden personalizarse individualmente y a la medida deldiseño corporativo del organizador.

3D event locations in the metaverse

How your interactive event platform could look like:

With a virtual 3D space, you can create different theme worlds that would be difficult or impossible to realize in the real world. Avatars can interact with each other in the virtual space, which engages participants and improves the overall experience. Welcome them in a virtual lobby, invite them to virtual information booths and present products in realistic scenarios. rooomEvents offers you a large selection of different virtual venues in which you can host your event. Choose a template that matches your ideas and customize it. Or design your own brand world that embodies the spirit of your brand. If you want to immerse yourself even deeper in the virtual world, you can also experience the 3D environment in Virtual Reality. But you can still visit the events on your smartphone and laptop while on the move.

Ventajas de nuestro software para eventos


Global participation

and scalability to over 200,000 participants


Unlimited and easy access

on all types of devices

Phygital and hybrid formats

seamlessly combine real and virtual elements


Reduced environmental impact

and cost savings through less travel and transportation

rooomEvents creates 2D or 3D virtual experiences and facilitates engagement with attendees via a web-based platform. The use of a head-mounted device (HMD) is not required to participate in a rooom virtual event; however, using one will enrich the experience. An interactive, hands-on space is offered to attendees where they can create their own avatar and be fully immersed in a 3D environment with support for AR/VR for an enhanced learning experience.

Analysis by Amy Jenkins

Features of the event platform

Engagement & networking

  • Create personal avatars
  • Incentives through mini-games
  • Digital photo box and AR selfies
  • Matchmaking and virtual business cards

Collaboration & meetings

  • Immersive meeting environments
  • Video call, text and voice chat
  • Interactive whiteboards
  • Breakout sessions and virtual roundtables

Broadcasting & streaming

  • Smooth HD live streams
  • Media library and video-on-demand
  • XR stages
  • Q&As and live reactions

Analytics & insights

  • Privacy-compliant real-time tracking: page views, dwell time, products in demand, viewers during streams, etc.
  • Insights for exhibitors and partners
  • Certificates of participation
  • Data export and import

Integrations & extensions

  • Ticketing and payment services
  • Social login
  • Video conferencing software
  • CRM software

Así hablan nuestros clientes

Especialmente en la era de la transformación digital, una experiencia de producto interactiva es esencial para conquistar a los nuevos clientes y especialmente a la Generación Z. Con las soluciones de rooom AG, nuestros clientes crean una nueva experiencia de usuario y, por tanto, una ventaja tecnológica sobre sus competidores en el mercado.

Torben Kabbe, Director Regional de Modis

Subscriptions for rooomEvents

  • Digitale & Hybride
    Event Plattform
  • Video Streaming
  • Video On Demand
  • Networking
  • Analytics
  • Support


  • All
    from Organizer
  • 3D Lobby
  • Engagement
  • Sponsor Management
  • Advanced Networking
  • Advanced Support


Let's talk
  • All
    from Director
  • Advanced Sponsor Management
  • Advanced Engagement
  • 3D Exhibition Hall
  • 3D Partner Booths


Let's talk
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    frome Producer
  • Advanced 3D Content
  • Live Avatare
  • Custom API
  • Integrationen


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