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Present your products with our spatial commerce software - without limiting the loading time.

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rooomProducts offers a 3D viewer for e-commerce shops that can be integrated into any common e-commerce system - for spatial commerce experiences in high quality, without slowing down the loading time. It doesn't matter whether you already have 3D data of your products or not. We enable the easy creation of 3D product views using photos.

Advantages of 3D Commerce


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Online shopping becomes a new experience.


Fast purchase decisions

Customers get a feel for size, color & texture. 


Profound purchase decisions reduce the environmental footprint. 


Competitive advantage

Offer your customers a very special experience. 

3D for E-Commerce Shops of any industry & any shop software

Take your e-commerce store to a new level with 3D products! Benefit from an enormous marketing effect, satisfied customers, decreasing return rates and a clear competitive advantage - no matter if furniture, fashion or B2B store. Our 3D tools integrate to any common e-commerce platform.

We offer different integration options

  • rooom plugin for your e-commerce software
  • Embedding via iFrame
  • API
  • Custom solutions possible

¿Tienes una tienda en línea con un conocido software de comercio electrónico? Eche un vistazo a nuestros plugins listos para usar y empiece de inmediato.

Features of our 3D E-Commerce Software

  • Easy 3D model creation using photos or 3D scans
  • Fast loading time thanks to minimal data volumes
  • Integrated Augmented Reality (AR) function
  • Seamless integration via plugin, iFrame or API
  • Interactive product configuration via 3D configurator
  • Presentation in virtual showroom possible (optional)

Mixed Reality Experiences for your E-Commerce Platform

Let your customers enjoy digital experiences with rooom: Our AR feature makes it possible to project products from your e-commerce store into the real environment with just one click - without the need to download an app. In this way, customers can check whether the new carpet or couch from your shop will fit into their home before they make a purchase.

More about Augmented Reality

Interactive Product Configuration

Simplify the presentation of product variants by letting your customers easily configure the products they really want. With our interactive 3D configurator, online shopping becomes a completely new experience!

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Your 3D products in your virtual showroom

Present your product world in a virtual setting which corresponds with the life style your product brings. With rooomSpaces you can easily set up your 3D showroom using either templates or create your own design with rooom. Enhance the digital showroom with a payment integration or other shop features to manufacture a truely unique shopping experience.

More about digital showrooms

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Scale up your e-commerce experience

3D Digital Twins and AR visualizations can create new online shopping experiences. Find out in our free whitepaper how to drive conversions for your e-business.

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FAQ: Virtual Commerce

What are the advantages of 3D content in e-commerce stores?

3D product views arouse enthusiasm, increase interaction and increase the time spent on a page. Users can intuitively learn about the details of a product and make more informed purchasing decisions. Thus, 3D content can have a positive impact on return rates and search engine rankings.

Do 3D images in online stores produce measurable results?

rooom users were able to increase the purchase probability in online stores by up to 30% with 3D presentations. Return rates decrease by up to 70% and also the general SEO ranking of a page can increase by up to 5 times.

What features does rooom's 3D online store software have?

The 3D software from rooom offers the possibility of uncomplicated 3D model creation from photos or via 3D scan and is also equipped with an integrated AR function. The integration into the own online store is seamless via plugin, iFrame or API.

Choose your package

49 $*
Monthly, plus VAT.
  • Plus 2,300 $ one-time fee
  • Up to 5 different products
  • Products sized max. 20 x 20 x 20 cm & 1 kg
69 $*
Monthly, plus VAT.
  • Plus 3,500 $ one-time fee
  • Up to 8 different products
  • Products sized max. 50 x 50 x 50 cm & 5 kg
99 $*
Monthly, plus VAT.
  • Plus 6,500 $ one-time fee
  • Up to 15 different products
  • Products sized max. 100 x 100 x 100 cm & 8 kg

All packages include:

  • Professional scanning of your products
  • Conversion into high-quality 3D models
  • Integration as 3D Product Viewers
  • Tracking of clicks for performance checks

*All scans are delivered to you in a medium level of detail, which offers the optimum relation between image quality and loading time. Higher quality is available on request for an additional charge. Additional functions such as renderings, configuration, animations and extensions are also available on request for an additional charge.

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