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Glass dollars: #10 of the fastest growing startups in Germany

Glass dollars: #10 of the fastest growing startups in Germany

Innovative, dynamic and growth-oriented - start-ups promote not only economic but also social growth with a wealth of ideas and the latest technologies. The company Glass Dollar has taken a closer look at the ecosystem of German start-ups and published a monthly ranking of the fastest growing start-ups in Germany.

The basis of the evaluation is formed by 16,000 German start-ups, which are assessed in terms of their growth. One of the most important influencing factors are the new hires, which in addition to website visits and social media followers provide information about the size and buzz of a company. The corresponding data is collected from various data sources such as industry services, the commercial register, the company website and LinkedIn.
Components such as sales and profit are not considered in the Glass Dollar ranking. 

This way to the ranking results

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