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DIGITAL PUBLISHING REPORT: From E-Learning to Smart Learning: better learning thanks to AR and AI

To the E-Paper

Smart learning is a new milestone in the development of e-learning. AR, VR and AI are new and promising tools for better, more efficient and more effective teaching and learning. In the current issue of the DIGITAL PUBLISHING REPORT 2023, our Global Head of Smart Learning Dr. Sirkka Freigang was featured with an article about the future of e-learning in combination with AR and AI. The revolutionary combination promises a more beneficial and sustainable employee experience. In addition to the benefits of interactive and immersive learning experiences to work-integrated learning experiences, the author talks about volumentric capturing and AI-based assistants. According to Sirkka, the focus here is on the following aspect:

The combination of AR with corporate learning opens up new dimensions of learning with interactive training, simulated scenarios and the linking of physical and digital learning worlds.

This makes learning not only more engaging but also more authentic and promises a lasting understanding of the content.