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futurezone: What is still lacking in the Metaverse?

Hans Elstner getting interviewed

Hans Elstner joined Futurezone Magazine to talk about the potential of the metaverse in various business sectors and explained how it will potentially develop. Find out more in the article.

Read the article about the future Metaverse (in German)

"The thesis is actually that in five to ten years, many people will be using AR glasses and not looking at their smartphones at all."

- Hans Elstner, CEO


Hans Elstner was in conversation with futurezone, an Austrian online news portal in the fields of computers, information technology, telecommunications and network politics. He talks about the potential and future developments of the Metaverse for everyday work, as well as for the fashion and events industry. The event industry in particular benefits from virtual events in the Metaverse, as participants can take part regardless of their location, health status or financial means.

In Meta's approach of the Metaverse, users need a VR or AR headset to immerse themselves in virtual worlds. According to futurezone, hardware could be a key barrier to getting people into the Metaverse. Instead with the solutions of rooom, users do not necessarily have to use a VR or AR headset to attend virtual events, for example. The benefit of Elstner's approach is that Metaverse applications can be used web-based on all (mobile) devices. 

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