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Industry of Things: Tips for successful Metaverse design

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How should Metaverse worlds look like? What is the optimal 3D graphics and resolution? And what influence do computer games have? rooom CEO Hans Elstner provides answers in a guest article in the online magazine "Industry of Things".

"Different design rules apply in 3D worlds than those from game design." - Hans Elstner | Guest article Industry of Things

Of course, Metaverse applications are very much shaped by computer games, but they serve a different purpose after all. In the enterprise Metaverse, the primary purpose is to host meetings, present products, and socialize. Depending on the use case, different factors are relevant - when the focus is on communication, for example, the facial expressions and gestures of avatars are essential. When promoting products, the visual appeal of the individual objects is important, while the environment and scenery are less significant.

Another aspect: The Metaverse should be mass-market compatible. This means that the virtual worlds should not exclusively run on cost-intensive gaming PCs and consoles, they should work on the smartphone in your pocket as well. That's why the main focus here is on a high refresh rate instead of rich detail - so a spatial perception can be created even on a small screen.

The bottom line is that the experience should run smoothly on the relevant devices. Anyone planning to develop a Metaverse solution should ask themselves what purpose it is intended to serve and what the relevant target group is looking for. On this foundation, application-specific solutions can be developed, which means that we will not live with ONE Metaverse, but many different worlds.

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