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Passion4Business podcast: Scaling: How start-ups become enterprises

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rooom's CEO and founder Hans Elstner was invited to a webinar by Top50 Start-Ups to talk about scaling strategies. Listen in now!

Listen in  (Podcast in German)


Since rooom AG was founded in 2016, we have grown significantly and established our Enterprise Metaverse Solutions on the international market. To achieve this, we had to take an important step: Scaling our business model. Some of the success factors are investing more in marketing, doing extensive market analyses, and finding potential investors. 

Our Founder & CEO Hans Elstner was invited to the Top 50 Start-ups webinar, where he shared his experiences about how to found and internationalize a startup, and what to consider in order to grow.


"Team bonding is the first important step to scale a startup and open up international markets. Having the right people with the same goals by your side allows you to inspire each other with innovative ideas and build a successful company culture."

Hans Elstner,