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Tagesschau: Start-up lighthouse Jena scores points in the field of optics

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Jena is characterized by a high number of start-ups, not only in the field of optics, but also in IT. In this article, the Tagesschau reports on the start-up scene in Jena and how the current political situation is affecting the work of the young companies based there. Despite the high potential, there are always concerns about political developments that could deter founders and skilled workers. Hans Elstner, founder and CEO of rooom AG, addresses the effects of the shortage of skilled workers.  

"I think that the whole issue of what the AfD stands for simply doesn't correlate with the value system of many start-up founders." - Hans Elstner, CEO & founder of rooom AG  

As spokesman for the Thuringian Start-up Association, he takes a stance on the AfD's potentially high voting rate and its consequences for future start-up founders. Astrid Wulf's article also addresses the concerns of start-ups in Thuringia and Saxony that have arisen due to the economic situation and the upcoming state elections.