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Staufen Magazine: BSH - Learning in the Digital Space

Photo: The project team at the BSH Startup Awards 2023.

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Not just for the TikTok Generation

BSH, Europe's leading home appliance manufacturer, is revolutionizing lifelong learning through digital formats. The company, in collaboration with rooom and the Staufen AG, has created a virtual learning island for value stream organization and a 360° factory tour for value stream analysis to enhance the training of its globally distributed executives and production teams. The innovative approach to digital learning not only enhances workforce skills but also enables global collaboration and flexibility in the learning process. Initial experiences demonstrate that the virtual learning platform fosters learning motivation and contributes to a better learning experience. BSH is considering expanding the utilization of digital learning formats to cover additional topics.

New, digital learning formats give a playful understanding of challenging topics, such as value stream organization, and whet appetite for more. - Staufen Magazine 2023/2024 No. 6