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With rooom's productCloud, you have the chance to present your products online more vividly than ever before. Let your customers experience products from all angles in 3D and bring colors, surface structures and product details to life. Use existing 3D data or generate your 3D products simply with rooom using photos, videos or our 3D scan app.

3D products for your online shop

With the rooom 3D Product Viewer you can easily and seamlessly integrate impressive 3D models of your products into your shop or website. With the interactive 3D views you can replace expensive product photos and offer your customers a realistic product experience. With a single click, your customers can even project the 3D products in augmented reality (AR) right next to them.

Advantages of 3D visualizations

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what can an interactive 3D product model even tell? 3D visualizations are freely rotatable, zoomable and can also be provided with additional information and animations if required. Furthermore, the digital copies of your products can be placed in the real environment. This allows your customers to view the products as intuitively and comprehensively as in a real store. There are no high hardware requirements for the end devices, so that everyone can use the function without any problems. This is how online shopping works today!

Customize 3D data

For the creation of 3D models you can use existing 3D data as well as generate 3D models directly via the productCloud. Simply upload product images, which do not have to be professional, or use our free 3D scan app. Your finished 3D Product Viewer will then have its own web address and a short embed code so you can use it individually and embed it on the web. With the help of our Product Editor you can then customize the appearance of your virtual product - this way you remain flexible at all times. Change the perspective, adjust the lighting conditions or add a background sound - completely without programming knowledge.

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Your products in 3D - The productCloud at a glance

3D Product Viewer

Product visualizations - simple & flexible

Discover the incredible reach your products can have when you present them online in 3D. Feature them in your newsletter, share them on social media and promote them on your website or webshop. There are no limits to what you can do! Every device can become a travel guide for your customers through your 3D product world.

3D Product Viewer for fast loading times

We attach great importance to keeping the processed data volumes of the 3D Product Viewer as small as possible. The minimal impact on the loading time of your website is the special feature of our platform. This way you can improve the user experience of your shop while keeping the page speed fast.

  • Developed for e-commerce and product marketing
  • Customizable
  • Full control over your 3D product - present it anywhere and anytime
  • Plugins for shop systems like Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce etc.
  • For mobile and desktop browsers
  • Use existing 3D data or create 3D objects yourself

3D Product Configurator

Product configuration made easy

You have products in different variations like blouses or shoes? Maybe even individually configurable products like furniture or bicycles? With the 3D product configurator, customers can now configure their products themselves with just a few clicks - playfully and easily. No more long forms and no more misunderstandings! This way you get satisfied customers who recommend you to others and are happy to buy from you again.

3D product configurator motorcycle

3D Shop Integration

Your 3D products in the shop system

You can integrate the 3D Product Viewer into any existing webshop system just as easily as into any other type of website. You can simply insert an iFrame for this purpose. We also offer ready-made integrations for popular shop systems such as Shopware, Magento, Shopify or WooCommerce. Also completely individual solutions are possible.

3D Product Viewer Onlineshop Integration


Create 3D models yourself

You don't have 3D data of your product, but would like to digitize it quickly? With rooom you can not only conveniently generate 3D models from photos but also create 3D models of your products directly with your smartphone. The free 3D scanner app rooomSCAN allows you to completely scan and digitize a real object within minutes.

3D scan with rooomSCAN app


Lifelike visualization in 3D

With professional renderings it is possible to present your product in several variants, even if it is still a prototype. In addition, renderings are usually more cost-effective than expensive product photos. How does this work? Lifelike product images with realistic lighting are created from a three-dimensional model. You will be amazed how similar a rendering is to conventional product photography. Different settings are possible without any problems.

HD Rendering Caravan

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