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With rooom360 you simply get & quickly a virtual 360 tour of your premises, which you can integrate into your website and, if you wish, link to Google Streetview. Visitors to your virtual tour do not need any special technology to immerse themselves in your 3D world. If you have standard VR glasses at hand, you can of course use them to enjoy your tour in virtual reality.

rooom360 - Advantages of our virtual 360 tour

Premium quality

Modern technology and powerful software ensure a high image quality of your 360 Tour.

Rapid implementation

You can hardly wait to invite your customers to a virtual 360 tour? Then you have come to the right place!

Universally applicable

Your virtual tour can be accessed via any browser from any end device.

Easy navigation

Thanks to the scan points displayed, visitors to your tour move intuitively through your 360-degree tour.


By adding additional content, you can turn your 360 tour into an exciting discovery tour.

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Who needs a virtual 3D tour?

Company & Business

Present your premises impressively as a 360 tour - directly on your website. In this way you attract customers as well as new employees.

Culture & Recreation

Whether museum, Lasertag hall or theatre house - visitors like to know what to expect. Invite them online for a 360 degree tour.

real estate market & construction documentation

Are you a real estate agent and would like to present your properties to many interested parties in an easy and time-saving way? Or are you a builder and looking for a good solution for construction documentation? rooom360 is the solution!

Public institutions

Arouse interest in your facility and help guests find their way around. Perfect for schools, universities and public authorities.

Our rooom360 references

Deutsches Optisches Museum in Jena

Villa Ostsee Göhren

Goethe Galerie in Jena

How to create your virtual 360 degree tour

Consulting and planning

Consulting and

We advise you individually on your project and develop a 3D solution that fits you perfectly.

Creation of the scan points

Creation of the scan points

With 360-degree cameras, members of the rooom team scan your premises and create so-called scan points, i.e. 360° images.

Generation of 3D tour

Generation of 3D tour

Based on the scan points we generate your virtual 3D tour. For a small bar with a surface of 70 m² only 5 scan points are enough for a good 3D result. A medical practice with 300 m² can be well imaged with 40 scan points.

Optional additional contents

Optional additional contents

You can then enrich your 3D tour with unlimited additional content & links (interactions). Create virtual information boards, fade in videos or work with audio content.

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