Integrate Augmented Reality (AR) content such as images, music, 3D content & whole videos into the book of your choice with just a few clicks.Start now

With rooomBOOKS we offer you a portal on which you can independently enrich books, flyers, business cards and much more with three-dimensional content. Thanks to a user-friendly user interface, you can easily define which images or pages are to serve as triggers (markers) for which 3D content. If a user of the rooomBOOKS app points his smartphone at the marker, your content will appear in augmented reality above the paper.

How do you use rooomBOOKS?

To surprise your customers, readers or interested parties with videos, pictures, additional texts or 3D models, simply create an account on rooomBOOKS. There we have prepared a large number of demos for you, which will give you an excellent overview of all your possibilities. Once you have gathered enough inspiration, you can take action yourself and present yourself from a completely new perspective. With just a few clicks you can open up new target groups and make yourself interesting again for existing readers. The app is available for Android and iOS, so that almost every reader or customer can enjoy your additional content.

How do you use rooomBOOKS?

AR book project for
children's book publisher

To realize AR book projects we work very closely with publishers, authors and illustrators. An example of this cooperation is the extension of the book "Regentröpfchens Reise" (Rain Droplet Journey). The Augmented Reality visualizations in the book let the wet main character clearly hover over the pages of the book during his adventures. In this way, rooomBOOKS turns evening readings or browsing through books into a very special digital experience.

AR book project for children's book publisher

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