rooom makes the difference

rooom offers solutions that make virtual and extended reality affordable for everyone. Contrary to other providers, also makes the creation of individual content very easy, inexpensive and understandable for laymen.

rooom is a platform that opens the circle of users for 3D and VR content to everyone.

Special know-how and expensive technology are replaced by ease of use and barrier-free use of the browser. Every provider of products or services can create or have generated three-dimensional content in different ways - even with little effort. At the same time, users do not need much more than an Internet-enabled device to enter the three-dimensional world. This results in a huge target group for product presentations and advertising campaigns.

Many users perceive conventional personalized advertising as annoying, especially mobile. Here rooom goes a completely new way. Various product placements on the platform are discreetly packaged as part of the user experience.

For example, make your new chair collection available as furniture at rooom and thus increase its prominence and sales.

The effort for creating content in 3D, VR or even AR is usually considerable. With rooom, you can become your own 3D designer at a very simple and unbeatable price.

As an integral part of the platform, an intuitively operated administration area has been created to make work a pleasure. If you would like to integrate additional features, you can also create and integrate them individually at any time.

rooom on desktop

You and your potential customers can use rooom in different variants. The browser version is available to all users without special technology. Whoever has more computing power or is the owner of virtual reality glasses can experience even more with

rooom can be used easily and conveniently with any standard browser. There is no need for a plug-in or installation, even on older computers.
The rooom FX application shows the furnished rooms in first-class graphics with daytime lighting and location-specific weather conditions.
If the user owns virtual reality glasses, such as the Oculus Rift, he can use them with both the browser version and the rooom FX App. rooom VR delivers breathtaking experiences in virtual reality.

Rooom mobile -
Apps for IOS and ANDROID

Since your customers have time to look around in your three-dimensional showroom, especially when they are on the road in a café or on the tram, rooom is also available in the App Store. The apps are available free of charge for iOS and Android.

The rooom app provides access to all the platform's essential functions including setting up and accessing rooms in 2D, 3D and virtual reality. Users can view your showroom and your objects three-dimensionally via the free app - even with smartphone VR glasses (e.g. Google Cardboard).
The rooom AR App is an Augmented Reality application for the projection of objects such as furniture or decorative articles into real rooms. This way Smartphones or tablets turn into windows to a virtual world.

3D Product Viewer

To stand out from the crowd of online shops and suppliers, you need an online presence that immediately turns visitors into fans. The Product Viewer from makes it possible to present products not only in 2D, but also in list and detail views in 3D - without delaying loading times. This allows customers to view products conveniently from all sides and make informed purchasing decisions.

From the VR Showroom to the Shopping Cart

Graphic by Onlineshopping


The majority of purchases is already made online. Good product photos therefore play a decisive role for successful online trading. However, their vividness soon reaches its limits.

Graphic by 3D representation

3D representation

Here, rooom offers an ingenious possibility: classic product photos are replaced by three-dimensional representations, which can be created in various and sometimes very simple ways.

Graphic by Embed in website

Embed in website

The 3D representations can then be visible in virtual exhibition rooms on or can be integrated into your own website.

Graphic by Showroom


In the showrooms, customers can take a leisurely look at the products from all sides - without special technology simply by using the browser - also in 3D and VR.

Graphic by Augmented reality

Augmented reality

If the customer likes what he sees, he can even use the augmented reality function of rooom to check how furniture, decorative objects or pictures look in his own living room or office.

Graphic by Order


Thus, the user quickly becomes a buyer who wants to put the viewed object into his or her living room for real.