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HR Journal: Intraverse - How HR uses the three-dimensional intranet

Read the article (German)  More about recruiting in the Metaverse

Intraverse: Crossover of Intranet & Metaverse

The Intraverse is considered to be a new HR tech trend. rooom CEO Hans Elstner talks about the benefits and challenges for Human Resources in implementing an in-house Intraverse.

Just like the Metaverse as the next stage of the Internet, the Intraverse can be imagined as a three-dimensional intranet. - HR Journal 2023

HR Journal has summarized the key learnings at a glance:

  • Employees can be recruited, onboarded and trained immersively in virtual environments, regardless of their location.
  • An Intraverse provides access to on-demand training programs, enables spatial meetings from any location, and creates interactive events that foster collaboration and creativity
  • Instead of static content, an Intraverse allows companies to provide employees with interactive 3D worlds that reflect company culture and employer branding in a more authentic and vibrant way. 
  • When planning the transition of HR functions to the Metaverse, it is important to start by ensuring that the experience retains a personal touch
  • Keeping content up to date and ensuring responsibilities are clearly assigned and executed is essential to the long-term success of the platform.
  • Consider how the Metaverse interacts with other HR tools and platforms.
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