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In times of digitalization it is not difficult to drift in the vast sea of different websites and shops. The challenge is to attract the attention of the passing target group. In the e-commerce sector, 3D representations are exactly the kind of flares you need. In 3D, your customers can playfully view products from all sides and develop a much better feeling for what they see in front of them and whether it suits them. This simplifies the purchase decision, makes your site more interesting and significantly reduces the number of returns.

The advantages of 3D representations:

  • 3D models are much cheaper than product photography
  • 3D views reduce the returns quota
  • The use of 3D technology puts the competition in the shade
  • Customers stay longer on 3D-enriched pages, which Google rates positively
The advantages of 3D representations:

3D product
visualization for manufacturers

Besides more attention and more satisfied customers, 3D product images also offer you great advantages as a product manufacturer. Maybe you have the same product in different colors or in slightly different designs. Then the costs for good product photos can quickly go through the ceiling. A 3D model, on the other hand, can be easily adapted after creation and published in different versions. This saves you considerable costs and a lot of time.

3D product visualization for manufacturers

High Definition Renderings:

Ein High-Definition Rendering ist Ihr 3D-Objekt im richtigen Licht. Das virtuelle Produktfoto ist vielseitig nutzbar und zeigt Ihr Objekt in der richtigen Umgebung. Einen guten Eindruck von den Möglichkeiten dieses Formates erhalten Sie in unserem Blogbeitrag zum Thema. Für die Erstellung eines Renderings benötigen Sie nur 3D-Daten Ihres Objektes. Sollten Sie noch keine eignen 3D-Modelle haben, können Sie sich mithilfe von rooom selbst welche erstellen oder sie von uns anfertigen lassen. Möglich sind 3D-Scan, 3D-Modellierung oder auch eine Nachkonstruktion anhand von Bildern.

High Definition Renderings:

3D Product Viewer

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