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Present yourself, your company and your products effectively in a VR environment.

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You would like to present yourself, your company or your products interesting and vividly online? With a 3D Space Viewer you can secure a place in the digital spotlight – unbeatable cheap and incredibly simple. Thus, your customers can explore a room, a hall or an entire venue on the move or at the desktop – in a 3D view and with just one click also in Virtual Reality. Let the furnishings reflect your corporate design, let your audience freely explore your products, and present your flyers, brochures, or other literature on a virtual counter.

What a 3D showroom offers

Emotional customer experience

Use the space viewer to create an online presentation space that goes far beyond a flat website and offers visitors an immersive experience.

Available anywhere & anytime

The 3D Space Viewer makes your digital showroom available 24/7, with or without appointments. Your customers can get information exactly when they have the time.

No logistics costs

With an online showroom, you can reach your customers even without travel or transportation. In addition, there are no high rental costs as with a physical showroom.

Flexibility at all times

Space Viewer allows you to customize the look and feel of your online space at any time with just a few clicks. This allows you to react immediately to changes in the market.

How to create a VR Showroom

rooom is a self-service platform. So if you want, you can design your VR showroom completely yourself. For this, we provide you with a virtual room and a large portfolio of 3D objects and design options. You simply log in and start the virtual set-up including wallpapers, carpets, lamps and furniture with our user-friendly interface. Once you are satisfied with your work, integrate your showroom into your website and your visitors can discover your company and your product range in a whole new way in 3D and VR.

The VR Showroom and its possibilities

  • Individual presentation of your company or products in 3D & Virtual Reality
  • Very simple and very cost-efficient
  • Easy integration into your own website
  • Integration of flyers, videos, products, posters, and other materials
  • Easily create, edit, and place your own 3D models
  • Easy embedding and sharing of the 3D Space Viewer

And how much does it cost?

From the free basic version to individual solutions developed especially for you, we offer everything your entrepreneurial heart desires. The more individual you want to present yourself, the bigger the rooom package you should choose. Starting with the inexpensive basic package, you get access to our in-house scan solution for easy integration of your own 3D models and can use our impressive 3D Product Viewer.

To the price list

In virtual rooms, you can offer your users the opportunity to immerse themselves in your world. An easy-to-use interface makes it easy to add, scale and place objects. You can access a wide range of existing content, use your own 3D data or create your own objects with our help own objects.

Scale up your marketing with interactive 3D spaces. Let us show you how!

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