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rooomART is an AR art app for digital art, with which you can view impressive works of art. What such an AR-App can do, we'll tell you here.

Yesterday we presented our APP rooomART for digital art with Augmented Reality (AR) at the THEX Gründertag 2018. The goal was to create interactive art between reality and virtual world - and we succeeded. The idea for the fusion of art and AR came from the artist Martin Höfer, a representative of modern concept and media art. It was realized by our in-house 3D artist Hendrik Lober. You can download the app for Android for free.

What can the AR Art-APP do?

At the moment rooomART offers the possibility to view the virtual sculpture "Blechtau" at the Thüringer Zentrum für Existenzgründungen und Unternehmen (ThEx) in Erfurt. Simply point your smartphone at a certain symbol (a so-called marker) located on a stele in the entrance area. Your display immediately turns into a window into another dimension and you can marvel at an impressive sculpture that suddenly "drips" from the ceiling. You can walk around it like around a real sculpture and take a close look at all the details - even though this extraordinary work of art doesn't really exist.

An ART app for only one virtual sculpture?

The digital scrap metal sculpture Blechtau is, of course, only intended to illustrate how outstandingly art and modern AR technology can complement each other. The actual possibilities of the app are almost unlimited. For example, artists could create entire exhibitions with digital artworks - without material costs or physical laws standing in the way of their artistic visions. Objects can float, stand at an angle, be made of solid materials or even reach up to the ceiling.

At the same time rooomART also blurs geographical and temporal boundaries for art lovers. Objects from all over the world can be exhibited at any place at any time - even at several places simultaneously. Imagine a completely empty hall that turns into an impressive art exhibition with your smartphones.

Awakening exhibition catalogues and textbooks with AR to life

The markers for the presentation of the artworks using the AR app cannot only be attached to the walls of exhibition spaces. Publishers could also use them to print on book pages and make works of art experienceable at home or in the classroom. The great wide world of art could thus be opened to everyone, regardless of location or budget.

At the moment we are presenting the rooomART app in well-known art museums in the USA. Maybe the "tin rope" of our chief 3D developer Hendrik Lober can be seen at MoMA soon.

We are curious and looking forward to your feedback on the app!

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