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With our event platform, we created an interactive 3D environment for Deutsche Telekom where over 800 executives from all over the world could network - including a look and feel based on the original location in Bonn.

At Deutsche Telekom's Top Management Team Meeting, or TMTM for short, the Group's most important executives meet every year to discuss strategies for the coming year. The venue for the two-day event is usually the World Conference Center in Bonn. This year, the doors had to remain closed. We recreated the headquarters in Bonn authentically to enable the event with its look and feel virtually instead.

The virtual event hall for Europe's largest telecommunications company

The TMTM is one of the most important internal management meetings for the company and should be experienced by the participants as a highlight every time. Even before the pandemic, Telekom's project planners always put in a lot of effort in terms of storytelling and staging. This year, new standards were to be set in the digital format. So we recreated the World Conference Center in Bonn as a true-to-the-original 3D environment in order to create a professional stage for all contributions and event points. This allowed more than 800 colleagues to meet virtually from the comfort and safety of their own homes. Particular attention was paid to recreating the original location in Bonn in virtual detail - stylish, user-friendly and full of exciting interactions. Participants should recognize the familiar surroundings and be able to enter them without any problems via their smartphone.

An amazing Telekom brand world with Look & Feel

After the floor plans and room layouts of the building had been visualized 1:1 as in the live location in Bonn, the empty space had to be transformed into a real brand world. The virtual event halls had to deliver the same feeling to the participants as they do live on site every year. With stylish color accents in the typical Telekom magenta, a realistic event space was created consisting of three connected rooms: a lobby, a forum and a so-called pre-deal area.  

In addition to the 3D rooms, TMTM participants were able to take advantage of our rooomEvents features. Numerous networking functions were available, from a clear agenda to a live stream of the program, which was filmed live on site and sent directly to all participants via our platform, as well as speaker profiles and virtual business cards. Chats and video calls were actively used to connect. In this way, 2D and 3D elements were successfully combined on one platform.

The Lobby

After logging in, visitors of the virtual event platform are welcomed by a huge digital screen. On the left hand side there is a seating area with 3D avatars that liven up the room. Virtual receptionists are waiting at the counter, who can be contacted by clicking on a virtual business card. Open hall doors, which can be animated with videos or pictures, provide an even more realistic impression. In addition, the reception area is surrounded by a glass front from which it is possible to look out onto the outdoor area in Bonn. Modern interior and decorative elements such as plants create a cozy and friendly atmosphere for arriving.

The Forum

Above the left entrance door to the Forum, a timer counts down to the start of the event - the doors to the Forum do not open until the timer has expired. After entering the hall, you face the stage, including the audience. Here, the participants should get the feeling of being right in the middle of the action. The avatars on the chairs are clickable and open an overview of all participants in business card format. Above the stage a screen presents the agenda. Here in the forum, the realistic exterior view also creates a bright and realistic atmosphere.

At the bar counter on the right, a very special highlight awaits the guests: the Video Match which we have developed. Here, visitors can connect with each other in a video chat with a click of the mouse - a kind of digital business speed dating using a random generator. An absolute highlight during the event, which created additional interaction and enabled a relaxed and spontaneous dialogue regardless of the distance.

Back on the way out, another highlight awaits the guests: Stephan Suh, yoga instructor and Health Couch, offers exercise programs for the stiff neck at work. In line with Telekom's modern, healthy and sustainable work concept, a morning yoga session opened the day's program and helped the employees relax a bit during the lunch break. All of this was directly integrated into the event without having to change platforms.

The Pre Deal Area

The Pre Deal Area is an exhibition hall for strategy and project presentations. Here, the participants had access to detailed content on various topics a week before the actual start of the event. Deutsche Telekom had a free choice of interaction elements that could be directly accessed in the room. The result was a hall full of interactivity - people chatted and podcasts, videos and documents were available for viewing and downloading. 

More Highlights

A very special highlight was the photo game - on an Image Wall, participants were able to upload their personal photos from home office and to like each other's photos. An Augmented Reality (AR) projection of the Telekom "Big X" could be called up via QR code. Numerous funny selfies were taken and posted on the Image Wall with the magenta-colored 3D object we had modeled. This not only provided for a lot of fun and entertainment among the participants, but also strengthened team spirit and identification with the company.

A successful project that we are very proud of

Together with the Telekom project team and the event agency OnTheRock, we implemented a completely virtual event that was equal to its real-life counterpart in terms of participant experience. A high degree of interaction was offered to the participants and we were also able to meet the requirements in terms of data protection and IT security - there were no breakdowns or other technical problems. The feedback was overwhelming - the TMTM will possibly take place virtually or even hybrid with us in the next years. We will keep you up to date!

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