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HolidaysAR / Winter-Edition

We take you to the Mixed Reality. With the Holidays AR App, rooom AG enables you to create the eye-catcher for Social Media on various occasions, whether Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp or Snapchat. You can use the app to send very individual greetings - easy and free of charge. Take a photo with holiday icons like Santa Claus or a cute Easter bunny, get a snowman in your garden even without snow or let your loved ones have hearts. Put yourself in scene with the 3D figures or let your dog pose together with a rabbit. Augmented Reality (AR) makes it possible for you Discover for yourself the many variations on how you can expand your environment.

The Holidays AR App is always extended for holidays like Easter and Christmas and for events like Halloween or Valentine's Day. You can regularly bring new augmented reality content in 3Dto your home in the app. Try it out for yourself and download the app for Android and iOS to your smartphone or tablet!

Let rooom participate

You enjoy Holidays AR and Augmented Reality is part of your social media presence? Let us participate in your recordings and link us in your stories and posts on Instagram and Facebook. So that we can see immediately when you test new content, use our hashtag #rooomalbern. On our channels you are always informed about the latest content.