Whitepaper: Accelerating Sales of Complex Products

3D visualization as a marketing tool for high-tech products

Contents of the whitepaper

Presenting complex, highly technical products online is a huge challenge for marketers in industries like biotechnology, mechanical engineering, optics, or similar complex fields. You have to convey technologies, functions and hard technical knowledge to your customers. But there are simple solutions for this challenge. 3D visualization pushes visual storytelling to the next level. Thanks to the additional spatial dimension, you can create even more interactive experiences for your users. 3D models of your products convey benefits, numbers, facts, functions, and dimensions in a vivid way. They create tangible, playful product presentations that make your customers an active part of the experience. Thanks to annotations, additional content like videos, images, text, or info graphics can be integrated into the experience. Technologies like Augmented Reality (AR) enhance these experiences even further. Products presented this way stick with your audience and purchase decisions will be made faster. In this whitepaper, we present background information, use case examples, and practical tips on how you can easily implement 3D visualization and AR in your product marketing – no matter how complex your product is.

    Key learnings:

    • How to accelerate your sales process with 3D visualizations
    • How 3D product communication improves your visual storytelling
    • How 3D product visualizations help you to convey complex product information

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