Enhance video conferencing with real-time 3D simulations.

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You want to host meetings in the metaverse? With rooomStage, this is no longer a future fantasy, it is just a few clicks away. We combine the ease of modern conferencing with real-time 3D content. Invite your guests to your virtual factory, production hall or showroom and deliver live product demos using 3D objects. Use avatars to meet up in a Virtual Reality environment. Real-time 3D conferencing has never been so easy! 

Use cases for 3D simulations

Production layout

Use rooomStage for remote production line optimization and present concepts to customers.

Project reviews

Design projects in your 3D CAD tool, share it via rooomStage and review it together with your guests.

Plant design

Capture your point cloud and discuss design proposals in a realistic environment.


Redefine sales and marketing and configure products live with your customers.

What is a 3D simulation?

3D simulations are used to analyze the impact of modifications on a 3D object. The goal is to demonstrate in a virtual environment how effective operational decisions are in reality. Using avatars and integrated conferencing tools, participants can host virtual meetings, which creates a new dimension of possibilities in engineering and production planning. You can use rooomStage for 3D simulations in production planning, product reviews and much more.

Benefits of 3D simulations

Make practice-based decisions

Get a better understanding for products and processes through virtual experience and interaction

Become more productive in meetings

Benefit from dedicated 3D tools, avatars and audio chat for efficient 3D conferencing


Drive cost efficiency for your business

Identify errors in an early stage and prevent expensive iteration and rework loops

Do you want to host your own 3D meeting?

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Features for real-time 3D & VR meetings

  • Navigation via viewpoints

  • Interact with avatars

  • Voice chat

  • Pointing ray

Use your 3D program of choice

Thanks to multiple integrations, rooomStage allows you to create 3D conferences directly from your 3D simulation, CAD or visualization tool. Simply prepare the 3D content in your preferred program, connect with rooomStage and invite your guests to join the collaborative workspace.

Stream your Visual Components content to rooomStage and analyze your virtual factory

Load all major CAD formats instantly for 3D product reviews

Connect with the Unity editor and engage with teams, partners and customers

Create your VR meeting directly from the Unreal editor

Access with your device of choice

Let your guests choose which device they want to use to join your 3D simulation. Meetings hosted with rooomStage are accessible via desktop PC or VR application. Virtual Reality turns digital product or project reviews into an immersive experience. Simply plug in your VR headset and enjoy. You don't have VR hardware available? No problem! The 3D meeting spaces are also accessible via desktop application.

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