Whitepaper: Smart Learning in the Metaverse

The potential of virtual academies for recruiting, onboarding, re- and upskilling

Contents of the whitepaper

At a time when skilled workers are in short supply, employers need to redesign their recruiting processes. Smart learning offers new ways to increase employee engagement. The whitepaper highlights the advantages of innovative educational formats for coaching and training. We also discuss useful use cases and practical applications that help companies to successfully meet the challenges of the modern working world.

Key learnings:

  • Application areas of Smart Learning in companies
  • How virtual academies in the Metaverse can look like
  • Benefits of implementing Smart Learning in the Metaverse
  • Factors to consider when selecting a provider
  • How companies are implementing Smart Learning effectively

About the author

Dr. Sirkka Freigang has a PhD in Education Sciences and is an expert in Smart Learning within the Metaverse.
She serves in various advisory roles, is the author of multiple publications, and is the founder of the Smart Learning Pirates as well as the Metaverse4Learning HUB. Additionally, she is the editor of a weblog
that explores worlds of interconnected knowledge based on new technology ecosystems (IoT, AI, XR).

Since 2021, her focus has been on B2B Metaverse solutions. As the Global Head of Smart Learning, she leads the Smart Learning Unit at rooom AG, an award-winning XR startup based in Jena. Prior to this, she worked in trend and future research for several years and held various L&D positions in the business world (including Volkswagen and Bosch).

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