Hello World - Artificial Intelligence in Marketing & Sales

Contents of the study

Artificial intelligence has the potential to change the (working) world. It is gradually becoming clear how companies are using artificial intelligence, where they still have doubts, and where efficiencies can be created. Customer-facing areas such as marketing and sales are particularly exciting: Does AI have what it takes to positively or negatively influence these areas as well? And if so, how?

The second ECC CLUB Study 2023 from ECC KÖLN therefore asked employees in marketing and sales for their opinion and experience in dealing with AI. Coupled with practical insights of ECC CLUB Platinum members, including rooom, the result is an informative study on the status quo and a tentative look into the future.

    Key learnings:

    • How is AI used by German companies so far

    • What advantages does the use of AI offer?

    • What potential does AI offer for marketing and sales?

    • How AI can identify customer needs and help fulfill them

    • What makes AI the engine for a successful customer experience

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