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Virtual exhibition stand with product visualizations
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Bakerman, the specialist for frozen bakery products, puts innovation and new trends first: not only in terms of the extraordinary variety of bakery products, but also in the marketing strategy. We report on one of our most complex projects in terms of 3D exhibition stand and product visualization.

From pizza donut flambé to rice puff pastry bar with red fruit jelly: Bakerman, the manufacturer of frozen bakery products, stands for colorful product diversity. The baking professionals want to actively shape market developments and set new trends. They also follow this strategy in marketing to reach new target groups.

Bakerman goes virtual

Special times require special alternatives. If all events are cancelled, a virtual solution is needed. With the attitude of always being at the forefront of new developments, Bakerman wanted to make its trade fair stand an online experience for customers. The booth needed to be able to be visited in 3D - on an advertising surface with up-to-date info and video material. 

The full range of possibilities with rooom

The brilliant thing about the Bakerman project was that we were able to fully exploit the possibilities of our 3D platform in the design of the trade fair stand, creating a great reference for our new customers. Indeed, when visiting the "digital Bakerman stomping ground", there are numerous highlights to explore, showing what is possible with rooom.

First, we scanned 35 baked goods for a 3D visualization, which will be integrated piece by piece into the booth in the future. The booth was created based on an existing design that was originally intended for a real booth. Visitors first notice the colorful design: The virtual booth is stylish and naturally designed according to the company's own corporate design. The logo and the slogan "Stay hungry" immediately catch the eye and the ear - because as soon as you click on the banner, you are redirected to the website, where you are greeted loudly and cheerfully by an animated master baker. Four friendly avatars smile at you and invite you to approach them. Clicking on them opens a virtual business card for personal contact. There are also four different presentation showcases, each with something different to offer.

In addition to virtual info flyers and brochures, there is a very special highlight to discover: The legendary pizza boats of the master bakers in 3D (and if you want, also in augmented reality). Clicking on the brochure in the showcase opens our Product Viewer, in which the delicacy can be viewed from all sides. The view from all perspectives makes sense especially for products that not everyone knows. The dough colored with beet is a real eye-catcher, which attracts a lot of attention due to the 3D view.

In the center of the booth, between owner Heiko Thees and export manager Lars Feldhues, you go to the 360° tour of the Bakerman branch in Gronau (Westphalia). You definitely leave the tour hungry after checking out the fresh baked goods at the counter. So in addition to links to the website, videos, images and brochures, there is a whole lot of interactive content to discover.

Image enhancement through virtual innovations

With the modern trade fair stand, Bakerman enhances its image as an innovative pioneer in the industry, which in turn rubs off on the product range and vice versa. With the integration of 3D products, the pizza assortment receives more attention, which helps to attract more customers. The trend towards vegetarian and vegan products is also given plenty of space on the virtual advertising space. The embedding of the booth on the website primarily appeals to new customers. Existing customers are made attentive in actions by new type character on the virtual highlight. How successful the whole thing is can even be measured: for example, on the basis of click behavior and chat usage. 

We are very curious to see what feedback Bakerman will receive from its customers. At the same time, this project allows us to present the broad range of our virtual solutions to the public. 

Are you curious about all opportunities the virtual booth has to offer? Click here for the full 3D experience!

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