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In November 2019, on the initiative of the "Friends of Osterburg", the Osterburg 2.0 project with digital applications for the Weida landmark was launched. Since then, 16 stations have been delivering exciting interactive content. Together we expanded these stations in July with additional digital content. 

Since 2019, a digital knowledge path has been leading through the landmark in Weida - supported by the app "Osterburg 2.0". This enables information about the building parts and the region to be collected via audio guide, videos and augmented reality projections. Together with the "Friends of Osterburg" association, our goal was to create a connection between historical culture and the digital world through the app. Especially young visitors should be inspired by this highlight. For this purpose, virtual content, images and sound were created for a tour with the mascot Türmi. 

What is there to discover at the Osterburg so far?

Two stations on the Osterburg are equipped with Augmented Reality content from us. Visitors can use it to meet the virtual tower keeper to themselves during the independent tour. Information is thus provided almost personally by him. The tower keeper now has more free time and the Osterburg can make all its visitors happy ;)

At the presentation of the app in November we knew: Much more is possible at the Osterburg! We not only wanted to arouse the interest of all target groups, but also to digitalize this cultural site in a sustainable way

Digital tour of the castle - from home

During the visit restrictions by Corona, the Osterburg could not be visited in reality. However, through the KulturZuhause project we were able to create a virtual tour. The historical tannery and also the castle will in future be accessible at any time and from anywhere in the world. Nobody has to miss the historical insights anymore. At the same time, the interest is awakened to learn more. This is something that the sponsoring association also appreciates very much: "This will provide digital access to Weida's monuments from a distance, so that in the end visitors will also be able to visit Weida and the Osterburg in reality".

Türmi in Augmented Reality 

New digital contents are not only available through the tour. We have expanded the app with a quiz that lures with a special virtual prize. If at least 75 percent of the answers are correct, the successful participants can take the mascot Türmi home with them. Thanks to Augmented Reality, the friendly 3D turret can be projected into the home environment or onto the Osterburg and invites the participants to take a selfie. 

Sustainably digitized 

The interactive app, the virtual tour and the special extra provided by Augmented Reality create a high added value for the cultural location Weida. Whether young or old - everyone can report an exciting experience after the tour. Furthermore, the Osterburg can now even be experienced from home.

Such a comprehensive equipment with digital contents is not yet a standard in the cultural landscape. All the more we are pleased about the great cooperation. We recommend an excursion into the analogue and digital world of the Osterburg for the summer holidays!

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