3D Commerce

High-frequency 3D scanning and advanced surface reconstruction with advanced physical parameters to create photorealistic 3D models for e-commerce


Project overview

As part of the project "3D Commerce", rooom AG is developing innovative solutions to improve online product presentation. The central role of rooom is to develop software for data visualization and preparation, with its main product being a web-based platform for 3D product visualizations. This is based on so-called "3D viewers", which are based on manually created 3D data, supplemented by automatic generation of 3D models from photos.

Utilization and development of new technologies

The hardware developed in this project combined with the related software provides higher data quality compared to current scanning processes. The rooom AG software can fill gaps in the photogrammetry process with plausible information and display physically correct reflection properties on the 3D model, enabling improved presentation of materials such as metals.

An improvement to the viewer software makes it possible to display high-resolution photo data depending on the viewing angle of the 3D model, which facilitates detailed and interactive viewing of the model.

Leveraging existing solutions from rooom

rooom AG provides a comprehensive content management system for managing 3D content that serves a variety of products for different industries. Corporate customers can use it to manage and configure their 3D objects and spaces and use them for various applications such as virtual trade fairs, showrooms and more.

Challenges and solutions

A major challenge in e-commerce is the complexity of realistically presenting physical products online, which often leads to misunderstandings and returns. The advantage of 3D commerce is the detailed, interactive visualization of products, which makes invisible areas such as backs or connections visible and increases customer engagement with the products. This can lead to a reduction in return rates and supports retailers' efficiency and sustainability.

Integration into existing systems

For the processing of the project results, the upload functionality is adapted to connect the developed handheld scanner directly to the cloud services. This will automatically upload the data from a scanning process to the rooom platform.

Key objective

The main objective of the project is the transformation and improvement of online product presentation in e-commerce through the use of advanced 3D visualization technologies. The focus is on enabling a more realistic and interactive representation of physical products in the digital space, bridging the gap between online shopping and the physical product experience.

Thr project focuses on the development and improvement of software and hardware solutions that enable the efficient and accurate creation of high-quality 3D models of products.

  • This includes the development of a handheld scanner that delivers significantly higher data quality compared to traditional photogrammetry methods. This scanner can fill gaps in the scanning process and provide a more precise representation of material surfaces and reflections.
  • Another crucial aspect is the enhancement of the "3D Viewer," a software that allows for a detailed and interactive examination of 3D models. This viewer combines the interactivity of 3D models with the detailed precision of high-resolution photos, thereby significantly improving the online shopping experience.

The project directly addresses challenges in e-commerce, particularly the difficulty of representing physical products realistically online. Through improved visualization, customers can better understand and evaluate products, leading to a reduction in misunderstandings and returns. This enhances customer satisfaction, the efficiency, and sustainability of online commerce, contributing to an expansion of the market.


The project, supported by the Free State of Thuringia, was co-financed through funds from the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund (EFRE).

Project information

Research field

Research focus
The development of advanced software for data visualization and processing, particularly in the area of high-quality 3D model creation and visualization, to enhance the online shopping experience through more realistic and interactive product presentations.

Project partner
Fraunhofer IOF

Project duration

Financial support
Thüringer Aufbaubank

Funding code
2023 VFE 0037

Contact person

Hendrik Lober
Chief Technical Officer
rooom AG

Phone: +49 3641 5549440
E-mail: 3dcommerce@rooom.com