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rooom 3D Platform

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Cutting-edge Metaverse technology

For marketing, education, events, culture & more

rooom helps you to create unique experiences and increase customer loyalty, conversions, and security in the Metaverse. The comprehensive platform ecosystem makes it easy to build the right solution for your business.

Your toolset for everything 3D, AR & VR


Web-based technology

Say goodbye to tedious installations and app downloads. Simply launch your web browser and immerse yourself in an engaging 3D adventure. Embrace convenience and accessibility like never before, as the wonders of the Metaverse unfold effortlessly at your fingertips.


Full scalability

Empower your enterprise to thrive and conquer new horizons with our adaptable platform, built to fuel your growth journey. The software is designed to fit the changing needs and goals of companies across all industries. The modular approach allows you to add functionalities as your business demands.


Cross-device experiences

Explore mesmerizing virtual worlds across multiple devices, granting your customers the freedom to dive into the metaverse wherever they are. Whether you are using a desktop PC, tablet, smartphone, or even VR headset – our platform is tailored to captivate you at every level of immersion.


Integrates anything & anywhere

We empower developers with a user-friendly and customizable toolkit. Experience the freedom to tailor our solution to your exact needs, thanks to flexible APIs, plugins, and more than 1,200 integration options. Looking to connect with existing systems or expand your ecosystem? rooom offers the versatility to make it happen.


Highest security standards

We do everything to safeguard your data and privacy. Our solutions are fully GDPR-compliant, ensuring that your data is handled with the utmost care and protection. To provide you with maximum security, we follow stringent data protection regulations and host your virtual world on local servers.

User experience boost

Delight your customers with a smooth and seamless journey through your brand world. The high-performing 3D platform is designed to ignite their senses and keep them engaged at every step of the customer journey. The rooom 3D viewers load in a blink of an eye thanks to cutting-edge technology and minimal amounts of data.

Everything in one place

rooom's Metaverse platform is an all-in-one solution for three-dimensional product and company presentations. We enable enterprises to unlock the great potential of the Metaverse in an incredibly simple and affordable way. Our portfolio includes a wide range of solutions in the areas of 3D, AR and VR, which can be used by companies in every industry, forming a comprehensive toolset. Hardly any other software can cover such a wide range of applications. Whether marketing, retail, team building, training or communication: With rooom, you get individual and comprehensive Metaverse solutions from a single source.

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3D platform suite

3D spaces are the foundation of successful Metaverse strategies. With our features for products and events, you can add an additional layer to your corporate Metaverse and offer your target group true value. The extensions can be combined with rooomSpaces or used as a stand-alone solution - whatever works best for you. Dive into the next dimension of business, invite your customers into new shopping worlds and work together with international teams in the Metaverse.

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3D Spaces

  • Digital showrooms
  • Smart learning environments
  • Branded virtual worlds
3D product presentation of furniture in rooomProducts

3D Products

  • Integrations for e-commerce
  • 3D scanning & digitalization
  • Interactive product configuration
Virtual metaverse event venue of a festival in rooomEvents

Event Platform

  • Trade shows & conferences
  • Collaborative business meetings
  • Culture events & festivals

More than 6 million users worldwide have already joined the Metaverse with rooom. Now it's your turn!

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Software as a Service? Metaverse as a Service! We provide you with the perfect package for your business. It's up to you whether you want to use the 3D platform in self-service or take advantage of consulting and support from our team. With single features as add-ons, you can make your package even more individual.


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Building a pervasive, open and inclusive Metaverse at a global scale

As a proud member of the Metaverse Standards Forum, hosted by The Khronos Group, we are dedicated to creating open and interoperable assets for web-based 3D platforms. With shared standards, such as WebGL, we are shaping the future of the Metaverse, fostering inclusivity, and unlocking its limitless possibilities. Join us as we revolutionize the Metaverse together!

FAQ: rooom 3D Platform

What is rooom?

rooom.com is a native web-based 3D platform for creating Metaverse experiences such as virtual showrooms, product presentations, smart learning journeys, NFTs, virtual events and much more. Thanks to a content management system, content can be created without any coding skills. The experiences can be delivered online in 3D, but also via Augmented or Virtual Reality. At the highest technical level, but accessible to all.

About us

What does web-based mean?

rooom is a web application, which means it can be accessed via a web browser and is not installed locally on the user's computer. To view the 3D content, for example when visiting a virtual event or a showroom, you only need an up-to-date browser and a stable Internet connection. For creating and editing your own content you also need a user account.

How can I test rooom for free?

You would like to get an overview of our portfolio? Check out our demo page for current showcases.
Are you interested in creating and editing Metaverse spaces yourself? Get the Free package and get to know our 3D platform for an unlimited time. With a trial for the Basic or Premium package, you can test 3D Product- and Space Viewer for 14 days free of charge.

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