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profile picture of Casey Jensen by rooom
Customer Think: Presto! Did NESTRO Just Pull a Rabbit Out of a Hat?
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Customer Think: Presto! Did NESTRO Just Pull a Rabbit Out of a Hat?

profile picture of Casey Jensen by rooom

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"Anyone can improve their Customer Experience online, no matter how complex the product is — with 3D visualization." 

- Casey Jensen, VP Sales & Marketing | rooom, Inc.


Interactive virtual experiences are no magic trick - even for B2B products with high complexity. Our Vice President of Sales and Marketing for the United States, Casey Jensen, got invited to write a guest article for the online magazine "Customer Think", a global community of leaders in creating profitable, customer-centric businesses. He reveals some interesting aspects about the magic of 3D product visualizations combined with VR and AR for unique customer experiences and closer customer engagement

This gets illustrated with our customer NESTRO®'s use case, one of the world’s largest suppliers of innovative ventilation technology. NESTRO® uses interactive 3D models of their hightech products not only for an improved user experience on their website, but also for lead generation. This was implemented by rooom with a two-stage system where prospects can access 3D products with even deeper information after providing their contact details.

Here are some of the advantages of 3D product visualization:

  • Visual storytelling for complex products 
  • Individually adaptable at low costs
  • Virtually demonstrationg realistic proportions 
  • Emotional and interactive customer experience 
  • Increased dwell time on the website 
  • Acceleration of the purchasing process 
  • Less returns