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eCommerce Magazin: Shopware and rooom AG form partnership

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Our new partnership with Shopware makes the seamless integration of 3D and AR content easier than ever before. We are joining forces with the leading digital commerce platform provider to create world-class e-commerce experiences and revolutionize the world of online commerce. The combination of a webshop system with the creation and management of 3D content facilitates:

  • Immersive shopping experiences that amaze customers
  • Even easier integration of 3D showrooms and products for online shops
  • More space for visions, without complex technical requirements


"By combining Shopware's UX and storytelling expertise with rooom AG's user-friendly Metaverse platform, retailers can create a new kind of shopping experience in the virtual space," writes Stefan Girschner from eCommerce Magazine.


The benefits of Spatial Commerce include improved key performance indicators such as search engine ranking and purchase probability, longer session duration, lower bounce rates and lower return rates, confirms Stefan Hamann, Co-CEO of Shopware.

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