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Emotional shopping: Embrace the future with Shopware and rooom

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With Shopware, we are combining the convenience of online shoppingwith the experience of products in 360 degrees.In this blog article, we give an insight into how to evoke emotions and excite customers in online shopping.

By allowing customers to interact with products through 3D and AR, they invest time and effort into exploring the product in their own context. This interaction fosters a sense of connection, making the product feel more personal and desirable.

  • Enhance immersion and interaction with spatial commerce
  • Help customers make informed decisions by providing a clear and accurate representation of products
  • Save money due to 3D visualizations and renderings that are significantly cheaper than product photos
  • Encourage customers to return to the store and recommend it to others due to interactive shopping experiences
  • Significantly improve your online store's SEO performance through 3D with an increased dwell time

As online shopping becomes increasingly dominant, these innovations offer a unique opportunity to stand out in a competitive market and provide customers with a truly next-generation shopping experience.

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